Vollhardt  Capítulo 6 (Haloalcanos)
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Vollhardt Capítulo 6 (Haloalcanos)

Disciplina:Química Orgânica II963 materiais31.941 seguidores
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Groups: Using “Electron-Pushing” Arrows
	6-4: A Closer Look at the Nucleophilic Substitution Mechanism: Kinetics
	6-5: Frontside or Backside Attack? Stereochemistry of the SN2 Reaction
	6-6: Consequences of Inversion in SN2 Reactions
	6-7: Structure and SN2 Reactivity: The Leaving Group
	6-8: Structure and SN2 Reactivity: The Nucleophile
	6-9: Structure and SN2 Reactivity: The Substrate
	Chemical Highlight 6-2: The Dilemma of Bromomethane: Highly Useful but Also Highly Toxic
	Chapter Integration Problems
	Important Concepts
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