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Posterior Tibial Pulse
\u2022 Palpate Posterior
Tibial Pulse
\u2013 Located posterior to 
medial malleolous
\u2013 Start on top of 
mallelous & work 
towards achilles 
\u2013 Use pads of 2-3 
fingers, pushing 
\u2013 Same rating scale as 
for dorsalis pedis
Summary Of Skills 
\u25a1Wash Hands
\u25a1 Observe abdomen (shape, contours, scars, color, etc) 
\u25a1 Auscultate abdomen (bowel sounds, bruits)
\u25a1 Percuss abdomen (general; then liver & spleen)
\u25a1 Palpate 4 quadrants abdomen (superficial then deep) 
\u25a1 Assess for kidney area pain (CVAT) 
\u25a1 General lower extremity observation 
\u25a1 Assess femoral area (palpation for nodes, pulse); auscult fem art 
\u25a1 Knees \u2013 color, swelling, range of motion; popliteal (behind knee)
\u25a1 Assess ankles/feet (color, temperature, pulses, edema, cap refill)
Time Target: < 10 Minutes
	Abdominal and Lower Extremity Exams
	Abdominal Exam
	Anatomy\ufffd(please wait for video to load)
	Surface Anatomy
	Observation (cont)
	Examples of Abnormal Findings On Observation
	Auscultation (cont)
	Auscultation (cont)
	Percussion Technique
	Percussion Technique (cont)
	Percussion \u2013 Shifting Dullness
	Palpation Technique
	Palpation Technique (cont)
	Palpation/Percussion Of The Kidneys
	Put Findings Together\uf0e0 Paint The Best Picture\ufffd Abdominal exam techniques compliment each other!
	Lower Extremity Exam \u2013 General Observation, Including Femoral Region
	Femoral Region (cont)
	Feet and Ankles
	Feet and Ankles (cont)
	Feet and Ankles (cont)
	Dorsalis Pedis Pulse
	Posterior Tibial Pulse
	Summary Of Skills