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Making questions - Question Words

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Making questions
Question words
 Question Words are interrogative pronouns used to ask questions in English.
 They are used before auxiliary and modal verbs.
How many liters of blood does a person normally have? On average, how many are taken in a blood donation?
a) It has between 2 to 4 liters. 450 milliliters are removed.
b) It has between 4 to 6 liters. 450 milliliters are removed.
c) It has 10 liters. 2 liters are taken.
d) It has 7 liters. 1.5 liters are removed.
Whose is the famous phrase “I think, therefore I am”?
b) Galileu Galilei
c) Descartes
d) Sócrates
Where is the invention of the electric shower from?
a) France
b) England
c) Brazil
d) Australia
What is the name of the Brazilian president who became known as Jango?
a) Jânio Quadros
b) Getúlio Vargas
c) João Figueiredo
d) João Goulart
Which countries have the highest and lowest life expectancy in the world?
a) Japan and Sierra Leone
b) Australia and Afghanistan
c) Italy and Chad
d) Brazil and Congo
Who painted "Guernica"?
a) Paul Cézanne
b) Pablo Picasso
c) Diego Rivera
d) Tarsila do Amaral
How long does sunlight take to reach Earth?
a) 12 minutes
b) 1 day
c) 12 hours
d) 8 minutes
Using how
Look at the headlines below. What questions can be asked by reading these titles? Use your imagination and discuss the answers.
A questão abaixo refere-se ao diálogo apresentado a seguir:
A: I didn’t pay the bill
B: _________ not ?
C: Because ________ was incorrect
a) which – you
b) where – we
c) how – they
d) why – it
e) who – me
“ _________ did you buy that book?” “I bought that book two weeks ago”
a) how
b) where
c) why
d) what
e) when
Uma das alternativas preenche corretamente os espaços em branco. Assinale-a:
I. __________ did you stay here ? Six hours
II. __________ milk do you drink a day ? 4 glasses
III. __________ is your house ? It’s six miles from here.
IV. __________’ glasses of water do you drink a day ? Eleven glasses
a) How far – how long – how much – how often
b) How long – how many – how far – how often
c) How often – how many – how far – how long
d) How long – how much – how far – how many
e) How many – how far – how long – how much
How long
How much
How far
How many