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Food and Clothes in English

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Food in english
 There is a vast vocabulary when it comes to food in English. Although you don't need to know all the words, it's important to know a lot of them if you want to spend some time outside your country and eat well!
Learning about food in English is a great way to expand your vocabulary and visit different environments without getting confused when speaking English.
Don't worry about learning absolutely every fruit name in English. Many of them are not very common in our country and, sometimes, they are not so common in recipes around the world.
Vegetables can be very similar. If there’s a vegetable name that you cannot understand, feel free to look for it on a dictionary. Write its meaning and share it with your teacher!
Let’s practice!
 You've been to the United States and you have to stay in a hotel for a whole day. You need to eat four meals in a day. What would you order…
For breakfast?
For lunch?
For a snack?
For dinner?
 There are many ways of ordering food. Pay attention to the structures below and recreate your sentences in the last slide by using the complete structure.
 I would like to order ....................................., please.
 I would like to have ........................................., please.
 Can I have ........................, please?
 You can use the contracted form, if you want:
Clothes in english
 There are many ways to communicate with people in a different culture. Fashion is one of them. Let's learn vocabulary about clothes!
Describe your outfit using the words in the picture!
Outfit = your clothing.
The name of many pieces of clothing is the same for both men's and women's clothing, as well as in Portuguese.
Let’s practice
 Imagine that you are a Fashion student and you need to create two looks to present to your colleagues, one for a man and one for a woman. How would you dress the mannequins? Use your creativity!