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Mc Donaldização (1)

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between separatist groups that aspire to 
nationhood amounts to a type of warfare against what they consider to be foreign 
governments, thereby pitting the Basque region against the nation of Spain, for 
example. Additionally, the erstwhile practice of giving Declarations of War at the 
commencement of a conflict is not generally observed anymore; for example, the USA 
has never declared war upon another country since the end of World War II, but 
unquestionably has fought several war-sized police actions since then. The appearance 
of McDonald's does not end an existing state of war: the states of Lebanon and Israel 
have been under a state of war since 1973, with South Lebanon occupied until May 
2000 and a significant flareup in 2006, which did not hinder the establishment of 
McDonald's franchises in Israel and Lebanon in 1998 and 1993, respectively. 
Also see Golden Arches. 
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