Introduçao aoTai Chi
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Introduçao aoTai Chi

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first exercise, look to the left as you
As you inhale, come back to the centre and then
when you exhale again look to the right.
Repeat several times.

Now bring your ear in the direction of your
shoulder as you exhale.
Inhale and come back to the centre.
As you exhale, bring your ear towards the other
Try to bring your ear to the shoulder and not
your shoulder to your ear.

Move your chin in semi circles to the left and to
the right.
When practicing these exercises \u2013 especially with
your neck, you will probably hear popping noises
from the joints. This is not something to worry
about unless it causes you pain. If in doubt
check with your coach or doctor.
Neck mobilisation exercises will not guarantee
that your neck will always be 100% pain free.
They will help you to maintain your neck and I
find with my clients that if they do exercises for
their necks, they recover from neck injuries more
easily Wake House, Bourne, Lincolnshire Tel 07413 620344
 PE10 9AE

Neck and Shoulder Massage

Grab the muscles in the back of your neck with your
hand and squeeze them up and down your neck.
Repeat with the other side of your neck with the other

Grab the shoulder muscles with your hand
and massage them by squeezing up and
Repeat on the other side with your other

Most people enjoy having their neck and shoulders massaged \u2013 and it is good for you! It helps to the
circulation in the muscles and relaxes them. It is not always possible to get somebody else to do it for
Whilst it is not as much fun and less effective than being massaged by somebody else, we can get
some of the benefits by massaging our own muscles. Wake House, Bourne, Lincolnshire Tel 07413 620344
 PE10 9AE

Open the Chest

Inhale and cross your arms in front of your chest with
your hands facing down.

As you exhale, pull your elbows back.
There is no need to be highly vigorous with
this movement. Keep it gentle in the
beginning stages.
Later, when you have become accustomed
to the movement, you can make it more

When you inhale again, cross your arms again but this
time with the palms facing upwards

As you exhale, open your arms.
Repeat the exercise from the beginning
several times.
This exercise is excellent for opening the
chest. It also helps to open the heart
chakra. Wake House, Bourne, Lincolnshire Tel 07413 620344
 PE10 9AE

Side Twists

Side twists make the sides of your body softer and
more supple and can help with your breathing by
making your chest area less stiff.
Raise your hands in front of your chest and inhale

As you exhale, twist your body gently to one
This first twist should deliberately be quite
easy to get your muscles looser for the next

Inhale and come back to the centre Wake House, Bourne, Lincolnshire Tel 07413 620344
 PE10 9AE

Now perform the twist again to the SAME
SIDE but this time move your body further
Repeat for the other side.
The idea is that the first part loosens your
body and the second twist really does the
Moving in the light twist allows your body to
relax more and you get more from the

Waist Rotations

Put your hands on to your kidney area and rotate
your waist in a spiral. As the muscles loosen the
spiral gradually gets larger
The most common mistake with this exercise is to let
you head move up and down instead of moving your
Stop this from happening by fixing your eyes on
something. If the object that your eyes are fixed
upon looks like it is moving up and down then you
are moving your head up and down.
If it looks stationery, then you are working with your
waist correctly Wake House, Bourne, Lincolnshire Tel 07413 620344
 PE10 9AE

Repeat the exercise in the other direction.
Gradually build up the size of the movement
and gradually reduce it when you have
You should never suddenly start or suddenly
stop with these Tai Chi exercises.

This exercise helps you to look after your lower back. The majority of back pain is in the lower back
so if you practice the exercise regularly you will be reducing your chances of getting the most
common type of back pain. Wake House, Bourne, Lincolnshire Tel 07413 620344
 PE10 9AE

Turn the Waist to Swing Your Arms

Start with your feet shoulder width
apart and start to swing your waist.
As the momentum increases, allow the
arms to be thrown out by the circular
Do not try to throw your arms out \u2013
allow them to move as a result of your
waist rotation.

When you decide to finish the exercise, do it by gradually
slowing down the motion of the waist.
Suddenly stopping this movement can cause injury

There is a playful quality to this exercise that seems to remind people of the school playground and
uplift them.
The exercise is very good for your spine provided that you keep the spine straight. Wake House, Bourne, Lincolnshire Tel 07413 620344
 PE10 9AE

Hip Rotations

The following exercise is simple. All that you
need to do is to make big circles with your
knees in all directions.
The sequence does not matter. In the
photos the knee is making anti clockwise,
clockwise, heel push and then heel down

In the beginning balancing will be the biggest issue.
Start by holding on to a wall or the back of a chair but
gradually wean yourself away from these props.
You can also make the exercise easier by placing your
foot on the floor in between movements.

Doing the exercise slowly makes it harder
but try to not rush it in the early days.
It is better to do two knee circles really well
than it is to do several at a more rushed

When you have completed with one leg do the same
for the other. Wake House, Bourne, Lincolnshire Tel 07413 620344
 PE10 9AE

Knee Rotations

Put your hands on your knees and focus
your eyes on a point on the floor in front of
Now start to gently rotate your knees.
Do a few circles in one direction and then
repeat in the other direction.
NEVER make the circles too large as this
makes it easy to damage your knee.

This exercise helps your balance and if done gently helps your knees to stay strong. Wake House, Bourne, Lincolnshire Tel 07413 620344
 PE10 9AE

Ankle Rotations

Place your big toe on the floor and make
circles with your ankles.
Repeat in the other direction
Then repeat for the other leg