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At the end of this introduction you will get further information about TeamSAP Academy and an overview of Service and Support.
SAP\u2019s mission has been the same since SAP was founded 1972 and has influenced our daily and strategic issues.
Therefore our customers can 
Run their business processes faster
Operate more productively
Have more profitable results
Implement change by embracing new technology with us
SAP is the leader in Enterprise Resource Planning software because we have some core strengths. This has made us the fourth largest software company in the world.
We have more than 25 years of business experience.
We have customers in more than 50 countries.
The TeamSAP Academy is an international institute of higher education in SAP applications and a unique organization. It is the most comprehensive training academy in the business software industry.
Open to all SAP customers and partners, the Academy\u2019s mission is:
1. Train new consultants in the features, functions and best use of SAP products to meet the customer\u2019s business goals.
2. Provide continuing advanced training and continuing education for experienced consultants.
3. Provide and ensure a consistent world-wide skilled consulting base through certification and testing.
Topics for the evening sessions, especially, are selected with a consultant\u2019s interests and needs in mind.
Consultants can build their network for further learning in the future.
The case study is the major benefit of this Academy.
You must use all of the knowledge you gained and apply it to a realistic problem.
This reinforces the concepts better than just doing exercises on topics that were covered that same day. 
No other course gives the opportunity to work closely with people from other applications.
Guarantees the quality of consulting services through tests and subsequent close contacts with certified consultants. 
Every certified consultant has an OSS ID and access to specific information via Internet. 
The Academy also offers special workshops for experienced consultants. 
Certified consultants can participate in special discussion forums via Internet, so that they can ask questions and make suggestions to the R/3 developers directly.
SAP publishes the number of certified consultants of a partner in its partner database. 
Customers are increasingly considering this information when selecting the partner. 
SAP has begun a worldwide market initiative which clarifies the certification process for customers. 
Certification is person-specific and release-related. 
Certification is specific to a given application.
It can be acquired in different application fields.
The certificate for technical consultants is operating system and database-specific
There are different ways you can acquire the essential knowledge of a certified consultant. In general, the same test will be used to test your knowledge.
TeamSAP Academy offers a 5- or 6-week basic training worldwide to help you acquire the essential knowledge needed for the certificate.
In addition to the certificate for SAP Consultants, we also offer an extended training program.
After you have collected experience as a junior certified SAP consultant and visited further Level 3 courses and workshops, you can apply to do an in-depth course. 
At the end of the in-depth course, there is another test. At this stage you can attain the title of: SAP Consultant Advanced Level. 
This further certificate will enable you to take over project management and allow you to take part in the \u2018Expert Forums\u2019 that we offer. 
The Advanced Level demands expert knowledge in a special area.
It requires the successful completion of another test which asks difficult and comprehensive questions of the in-depth knowledge.
It also requires practical experience of at least one year.
Approximately 85% of those taking the certification test achieve a passing score.
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