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in the valuation of a material at goods receipt or, for purchase orders with account assignment, the system can debit the account assignment object. The system only carries out subsequent debits when the invoice is received if the delivery costs in the invoice differ from those planned.
Planned delivery costs are delivery costs that are arranged with the vendor, carrier, or customs office in advance. They are therefore entered in the purchase order.
Planned delivery costs could be freight or customs duty costs, for example. In Customizing for Purchasing, your system administrator can use conditions to create other types of delivery costs.
The system automatically posts planned delivery costs to clearing accounts when you enter the goods receipt. A special clearing account can be set up for every origin type. When you post the invoice for these delivery costs, the system clears the relevant clearing accounts.
In Invoice verification, you can list all planned delivery costs for a purchase order, vendor, or bill of lading. You can then copy the relevant items from the list into the document.
Planned delivery costs are not bound to a vendor. When planning the delivery costs in the purchase order, you can enter a special vendor for the delivery costs (for example, a freight vendor or customs office). In Invoice Verification, you can post these delivery costs for a different invoicing party.
The system clears the GR/IR clearing account with the purchase order price and updates the vendor account with the invoice price. 
	Material with moving average price control:
The system posts the difference between the purchase order price and the invoice price to the stock account and recalculates the stock value based on the invoice price. 
The system redetermines the moving average price based on the new stock value. 
If the stock quantity is less than the invoice quantity, the system posts part of the difference to the \u201cExpenditure/income from price differences\u201d account instead of the stock account. 
Material with standard price control:
The system posts the difference between the purchase order price and the invoice price to an expenditure/income from price differences account.
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