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own personal purchase orders. 
Choose the document overview. Double-click to display your document. To go to 
the purchase order history, choose the item details in the PO history tab page. 
Go from the material document to the purchase order (see solution 3-2). You do this 
by double-clicking the purchase order number in the item overview of the material 
document. In the purchase order, you go to the purchase order history as described 
Yes. The purchase order history of material T-RM3## shows the delivered quantity, 
but with a value of 0 UNI. This is because goods receipts are not valuated when 
there is multiple account assignment. 
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Procurement of Consumable Material 4- Solutions 
Unit: Procurement of Consumable Material 
Topic: Invoice Verification 
4-1 Enter an invoice 
(Logistics \u2192 Materials Management) 
\u2192 Logistics Invoice Verification \u2192 Document Entry 
\u2192 Enter Invoice 
Document date Current date 
Reference RE-C1## 
Amount 660 
Tax amount 60 
Choose the purchase order document for vendor T-K12C## via F4 help or 
enter the purchase order number. 
Simulate and post the invoice. 
4-2 Display purchase order history records 
(Logistics \u2192 Materials Management \u2192 Purchasing) 
Purchase Order \u2192 Display 
Enter your purchase order number directly, or use the document overview for your 
purchase orders. 
Display the purchase order histories of both items. 
To go to the invoice document, double-click on the invoice document number. 
Itm Account Short text Material Cost 
1 T-K12C## CEB Berlin 660 - 
2 400000 Consumption Raw 
T-RM3## 4100 45 
3 4000000 Consumption Raw 
T-RM3## 4110 30 
4 191100 GR/IR clearing 
4100 525 
5 154000 Incoming tax 60 
© SAP AG TSCM50 9-42 
Procurement of Consumable Material 5- Solutions 
Unit: Procurement of Consumable Material 
Topic: Blanket Purchase Orders 
5-1 Create a blanket purchase order 
Logistics \u2192 Materials Management \u2192 Purchasing \u2192 Purchase Order \u2192 
Create \u2192 Vendor/Supplying Plant Known 
PO type Framework order 
Vendor T-K12D## 
Header/Org. data 
Purchasing organization IDES (1000) 
Purchasing group T## (LO020-##) 
Company code IDES (1000) 
Item data: Item 10 
Item category B 
Acct assgmt category U 
Short text Office materials 
Material group 006 
Plant 1000 
Tab: Limits 
Overall limit 6000 
Expected value 5000 
The \u201cExpected value\u201c is used as a criterion for possible release procedures. 
Depending on the account assignment category, a commitment is also created in 
© SAP AG TSCM50 9-43 
5-2 Enter an invoice for the blanket purchase order 
Logistics \u2192 Materials Management 
\u2192 Logistics Invoice Verification \u2192 Document Entry 
\u2192 Enter Invoice 
Invoice date Current date 
Reference RE-D1## 
Amount 550 
Tax amount 50 
Choose your purchase order document for vendor T-K12D## via F4 help or enter 
the purchase order number. 
Choose the item for the office materials and post 100 UNI of the invoice to cost 
center T-L## and 400 UNI to cost center T-HR7A## (G/L account 476000). 
Simulate and post the invoice. 
5-3 Display the purchase order 
\u2192 Purchase order \u2192 Display 
Use the document overview for your own personal purchase orders. Double-click to 
display your document. 
The Limits tab page on the item detail screen contains the current actual value of the 
purchase order item. There is also a tab for the purchase order history. 
Double-click to go to the invoice verification document. From there go to the 
accounting document. 
5-4 Optional: Enter other invoices 
Proceed as in exercise 5-2, choosing the relevant data (for example, amount: 6600, 
tax 600 UNI 
You can still post the invoice when it exceeds the order limit, but the system blocks 
it for payment because of the price variance. 
© SAP AG TSCM50 10-1 
\uf8e9 SAP AG 1999
Procurement of External Services
z Master Data
z Purchase Order
z Maintaining and Releasing Service Entry Sheets
z Invoice Verification
© SAP AG TSCM50 10-2 
\uf8e9 SAP AG 1999
At the conclusion of this unit, you will be able to:
Procurement of Ext. Services: Unit Objectives
z Name the most important master data used in
the procurement of external services
z Describe the basic steps in the procurement of
external services
© SAP AG TSCM50 10-3 
\uf8e9 SAP AG 1999
Procurement of External Services: Course
Overview Diagram
Procurement of Stock 
Reporting in Material
External Procurement 
with mySAP SCM
Procurement of
External Services
Basic of Procurement
Master Data
Procurement of
Consumable Material
© SAP AG TSCM50 10-4 
\uf8e9 SAP AG 1999
Procurement of Ext. Services: Business Scenario
z Your company occasionally requires small
maintenance tasks (for example, changing
defective lights) to be carried out by
external contractors.
z Evaluate how the R/3 System manages
this process.
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\uf8e9 SAP AG 1999
are created
- User department
- PM Plant Maintenance
- PS Project System
Transfer 9,500
Determination of
Source determin.
Vendor selection
Bid invitation
Maintain and 
compare quotations
 Purch. order
PO monitoring
Service entry
Invoice verif.
PO Invoice
Procurement of External Services Cycle
© SAP AG TSCM50 10-6 
\uf8e9 SAP AG 1999
Project Project 
Service no. 1540
- Texts
- Units of measure
Service master record
Service conditions
Service Master Record
„ A service master record contains a service description and a unit of measure, for example, hour. 
„ You can assign a price to each service master record via the conditions. 
„ This data can be obtained from various SAP applications. 
© SAP AG TSCM50 10-7 
\uf8e9 SAP AG 2002
Service Master - AC03
 Other service
Display / Change
Create new service
Hide/show overview
Display other
Service number
Service category
 Basic data
Long text
. . .
. . .
Material group
. . .
Valuation class
Lang. to be maintained
„ The service master record transaction AC03 is a single-screen transaction that you can use to create, 
change and display services. When you enter the function, you see the display mode. You can select 
a specific service with Other service or search for it in the overview. The overview is used like the 
document overview in the purchase order (selection, layout, breakdown) and can also be 
hidden/shown in this transaction. 
„ You can collapse and expand the data areas in the right screen area. When you first call up the 
transaction, the data areas are open for the basic data and the long text. Every time you call it up after 
this, the screen settings and the data you selected or maintained before leaving the function appears. 
© SAP AG TSCM50 10-8 
\uf8e9 SAP AG 1999
Purchase order
ABC Software Ltd
- Service No. 1540
Plant 2 (Chicago)
2000 UNI
- Service No. 1540
Plant 1 (Boston)
1950 UNI
- Service No. 1540
2100 UNI
- Senior consultant K4
1 day
- ABC Software Ltd