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- Senior consultant K4
1 day
2100 UNI
1580 1580
Conditions level
Service Service
Copied to document
Defining Price via Master Conditions
- Senior consultant K4
1 day
- ABC Software Ltd
- Plant 1 (Boston)
1950 UNI
„ There are several ways of storing long-term prices for services in the form of service conditions: 
y At the service level (market price/own estimate) 
y At the service and vendor level 
y At the service, vendor, and plant level 
„ Prices stored in the system are automatically proposed in service specifications. 
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GR for PO 12345, item 10
Service entry sheet Feb. 3
Item 10
Oil filter changed
Cctr 123
adhered to Limit
Release procedure Acceptance
Purchase order # 12345Jan. 27
Item 10 Repair printing press
- Detailed description of service
- Order quantity
- Acct assgmt
Cost control via 
limits !!
Feb. 3 
Purchase order # 12345Jan. 27
Item 10 Material : Steel - 01
Order quantity : 250 pcs
Stock Material <=> Services
„ Stock materials are subject to inventory management, whereas services are procured for direct 
„ As well as the other account assignment categories, you can use the account assignment category U 
(unknown) for service items, as the account assignment is often not yet definite when the goods are 
„ When you procure materials, you already know a lot of information, such as the exact order quantity. 
„ When you procure services, however, you often do not yet know the exact service description or the 
order quantity (for example, when a printing press needs repair, you do not know whether the vendor 
just needs to adjust settings or whether he or she has to replace parts). 
You often do not know how long it will take or can only give an estimate. To control the costs, you 
can define value limits. 
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Purchasing document
\u2022 General data 
\u2022 Statistics 
\u2022 Messages
\u2022 Conditions
\u2022 General description:
Software implementation
\u2022 Date: Oct. 31
\u2022 Description of service
\u2022 Qty
\u2022 Conditions
Purchasing Document Layout
„ Materials are procured at item level. 
„ Services are procured below item level. The item type D activates the service functions and controls 
or allows you to create service specifications. 
„ An item contains a short text, which is a general description of what you intend to procure. The 
service specifications are an exact description of the service. 
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PurchPurch.. ord ord..
Service specificationsService specifications
Outline level
Service line
01 Selection of software components
01 Define requirements
Consultant K4 10 days at 2100 UNI
Adapt components02
01 Component A
Consultant K3 5 days at 1900 UNI
02 Test configuration
Consultant K3 4 days at 1900 UNI
Value limit
Unplanned services
to a max. of 60000 UNI
Service Specifications in the Purchasing Document
„ You can format complex service specifications clearly using outline levels. You can assign any 
number of service lines to each outline level. 
„ Work that is not contained in the outline or service lines cannot be covered with value limits for 
unplanned services. 
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entry sheet
Entry Accept.
FI and CO update
entry sheet
Total value
22000 UNI
Service Entry and Acceptance
„ The system stores services that have been performed in service entry sheets. The relevant postings 
are made in Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting when the service entry sheets are signed off. 
Service entry sheets can be entered and signed off in one transaction or in two steps. 
„ When entering services, you reference the purchase order. You can copy planned services directly 
from the purchase order into the service entry sheet. You do not give an exact description of 
unplanned services or their quantity and price details until you enter them. The system checks 
whether the unplanned services adhere to the limit defined in the purchase order. 
„ You can set up release procedures for service entry sheets. 
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 Service sel.
Service Entry \u2013 ML81N
 Other purch. order
Entry sheet
For purchase order
Short text
Header data
Tree on/off
Display PO
Create entry sheet
Copy entry sheet
„ During service entry, all data (header and service data) is maintained in one screen (single-screen 
„ When you enter the function, you see the display mode. From Other purchase order, select the 
purchase order for which the service entry sheet is to be created. Finally, start the entry process with 
Create entry sheet. You can also copy existing service entry sheets. You can enter the services 
manually, or from the Service selection switch, for example, select from the purchase order or a 
model service specification. If you have defined limits in the purchase order, you can also enter 
unplanned services manually, up to these limits. 
„ You can only enter the service provider invoice for a purchase order after the service entry sheet has 
been accepted. You can execute the acceptance directly when creating a entry sheet, as long as no 
release strategies are pulling for acceptance. A collective release (acceptance) is also possible for 
service entry sheets (transaction ML85). 
„ With Tree on/off, you can show on the left screen area, a list of purchase orders with the services last 
created, and the relevant service entry sheets. You can select service entry sheets to display, change 
and copy by double-clicking on them. 
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Software GmbH
26000 UNI
Sheet 1
Vendor ABC
Software GmbH
PO no. 0346722
PO itm 01
Sheet 1 20000 UNI
Sheet 3 6000 UNI
26000 UNI
Value 20000 UNI
entry sheet
Vendor invoice
Invoice document
31 Mar
Invoice Verification for Entry Sheet
„ The invoice verification procedure is carried out with reference to the purchase order. 
„ This means that all service entry sheets accepted for this purchase order are suggested for invoice 
„ The system compares the prices on the invoice with the prices from the service entry sheets. 
„ If there are no discrepancies, you can enter and post the invoice. 
„ If the system finds any discrepancies, it blocks the invoice for payment. 
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\ufffd\ufffd\ufffd SAP AG 1999
Purch. ord. 1234
Invoice 5678
Vendor A
10500 UNI
21000 UNI
Follow-on activitiesFollow-on activities
- All services performed - 
 entered/not signed off
- All services performed - 
entered and signed off
= SEnt
= GR
All invoices
= IR
Purchase Order History
„ The purchase order history lists all the follow-on activities for a particular purchase order; that is, all 
services that have been performed, entered, and written off, and all invoices that have been entered. 
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Procurement of External Services Exercises 
Unit: Procurement of External Services 
At the conclusion of this exercise, you will be able to: 
\u2022 Display service master records and conditions