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you to more 
conveniently determine stocks for withdrawal in the case of materials with split valuation. 
„ As of Release 4.5A, you can also include the special stocks E (sales order stock) and Q (project 
stock) in stock determination. 
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Customizing Settings for MIGO (1)
Field selection 
for MIGO
Field selection per 
movement type
Modifiable field Input Mand. Disp. Foreground
Bill of lading
Collective slip
Delivery note
 MvT Field name Mandatory entry Optional entry
„ Refer to the Customizing documentation. 
„ Field selection for MIGO: 
y The characteristic required entry field is evaluated only for fields with the name GOHEAD... 
(header fields) and GOITEM... (item fields). The characteristic foreground is not supported. 
y Field selection dependent on an influencing value is not supported. 
„ Field selection per movement type: 
y In the EnjoySAP transactions, the Field Selection per Movement Type step replaces the Define 
Screen Structure activity. The settings from the Define Screen Structure activity are automatically 
copied to the EnjoySAP settings. 
y The table shows all visible fields (optional entry or mandatory entry). To hide a field, you delete 
the required entry from the table. 
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Purchase order 101
Inbound delivery 101
Customizing Settings for MIGO (2)
Settings for operations and reference documents
Operation Active
Goods receipt
Return delivery 
Reversal (
Reference doc. Active MvT
„ Refer to the Customizing documentation. 
„ Settings for operations and reference documents: 
y In Customizing, you can restrict the number of selectable operations (goods receipt, goods issue, 
and so forth) and the reference document (material document, purchase order, and so forth). You 
can also specify the movement type that the system should propose for every reference document. 
y If you require only certain operations, you can choose from the following transactions: 
 MIGO Enter all goods movements 
 MIGO_GR Enter all goods receipts from external procurement MIGO_GO 
 Enter all goods receipts for production orders 
 MIGO_GI Enter all goods issues 
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Goods receipt:
1000 pcs
1000 pcs
Goods receipt:
1000 pcs
100 pcs
Goods receipt
Goods issue
Physical stock
Book inventory
1000 pcs
0 pcs
+900 pcs
-100 pcs
Physical stock
Book inventory
+900 pcs
+900 pcs
Physical stock
Book inventory
Negative Stocks
„ You can also manage negative stock balances for materials with moving average price control and 
for special stocks, such as vendor consignment, material provided to vendor, sales order stock, and 
project stock. 
„ Negative stock balances are required if, for organizational reasons, goods issues are entered before 
the corresponding goods receipts, and the material is already physically located in the warehouse. 
„ Once you have posted the goods receipts, the book inventory balance should correspond with the 
physical stock again \u2013 in other words, it should no longer be negative. Negative stocks always 
indicate that physical movements have to be entered in the system at a later stage. 
„ If you work with negative stock balances, you have to ensure that you do not have negative stocks on 
the balance sheet key date or when you carry out a physical inventory. 
„ As of Release 4.6A, blocked stock can also be negative. 
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Set for valuation area
Set for storage locations
Activate in
material master record
Set for plant and
special stock types
Settings for Negative Stocks
„ To work with negative stock balances, you have to allow these for the relevant valuation area and 
storage locations in Customizing for Inventory Management. 
„ You make the settings for negative stocks in Customizing for Inventory Management by choosing 
Inventory Management\u2192 Goods Issue / Transfer Postings\u2192 Allow Negative Stocks. 
„ If the first movement of a material is an outward movement, you can define in Customizing that 
storage location data is created automatically for goods issues by choosing Create Storage Location 
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Reservations: Unit Summary
z Preplan goods movements with reservations and
create a picking list
z Identify special goods issues, for example,
inspection samples or scrapping
z Process different goods issue options, planned or
unplanned, and their respective updates
z Create a goods issue using stock determination
z Manage materials with negative stock
You are now able to:
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Reservations and Goods Issues Exercises 
Unit: Reservations and Goods Issues 
Topic: Reservations 
At the end of this exercise, you will be able to: 
\u2022 Create and display reservations 
\u2022 Identify the settings needed to manage reservations 
Your company is still testing purchasing and production order 
processing transactions in R/3. Until you go live with Materials 
Management, you intend to plan goods receipts from external 
vendors and production order issues through the R/3 reservations 
system. This ensures that MRP will have the necessary planning 
As a storeperson, use the user menu to carry out the following activities. 
1-1 Purchasing informs you that 500 pieces of material T-RN1## and 500 pieces of 
material T-RN2## are to be delivered to plant 1000, storage location 0002 in two 
weeks time. 
Create a reservation for this planned receipt without a purchase order. 
 Movement type _______________________________________________ 
Reservation number _________________________________________ 
1-2 Cost center T-L## informs you that it will require 100 pieces of material T-RN1## 
and 50 pieces of material T-RN2## in four weeks. The goods are to be withdrawn 
from storage location 0002. Enter the storage location in the reservation. Enter a 
reservation for these planned withdrawals and note as the goods recipient, the name 
of the person you spoke with, Mr. N. VanTory. 
 Movement type _______________________________________________ 
Reservation number _________________________________________ 
© SAP AG TSCM52 5-25 
1-3 In 8 weeks, cost center T-L## will have the same material requirement again. The 
storage location for this withdrawal is not yet certain. 
Create another withdrawal reservation with reference to the reservation from part 1-
2 above. Change the data as required! 
 Movement type _______________________________________________ 
Reservation number _________________________________________ 
1-4 A colleague has just informed you that the materials in the reservation created in 1-
3 will now be required in one week. Therefore, you need to change the date for this 
What menu path do you use? 
1-5 How can you display all of the reservations for materials T-RN1## and T-RN2##? 
What reservations are listed for each material? 
1-6 Display the stock overview to see the reserved quantity for receipts and issues of 
materials T-RN1## and T-RN2##. 
(Stock Overview) 
Plant 1000 Reserved (issues) Reserved (receipts)