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Phys. inventory
Physical Inventory Number
„ The physical inventory number was created as an additional hierarchy above the physical inventory 
document number. You can use it to group together different physical inventory documents that 
belong together organizationally. 
„ You assign physical inventory numbers when creating and changing physical inventory documents. 
They can then be used in physical inventory reports as an additional selection criterion. This enables 
you to directly display the physical inventory documents per storage location, customer, or vendor. 
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Freeze book inventory balance
Set zero count automatically
Tolerance for posting inventory differences
Entering the Physical Inventory Count
- If you have not finished entering the complete physical inventory count, you can freeze the 
book inventory balance in the physical inventory document. This prevents goods movements 
from changing the book inventory balance relevant to the physical inventory count, which 
would result in incorrect inventory differences. You define in Customizing for Inventory 
Management whether you can freeze book inventory balances in the storage location. 
- When entering a physical inventory count with reference to a physical inventory document that 
contains many items with a quantity of zero, you can set zero count automatically for all items 
that have not yet been counted. 
- In Customizing for Inventory Management, you can define the following value tolerances for 
posting inventory differences for a user group: 
- Maximum amount per physical inventory document 
- Maximum amount per document item. 
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Determination of posting period
Posting block from toX
Goods movements are re-allowed
Effects of Entering the Count Results
„ (*)Differences are to be posted in this posting period. 
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Mat. master record Mat. master record
Material A
Standard price 10
Total stock 100
Total value 1000
Moving average price 10
Total stock 100
Total value 1000
Material A 80 Material B 110
Stock account for material 200 -
Expense from physical inventory 200 +
Stock account for material 100 -
Revenue from physical inventory 100 -
Posted inventory count
Post inventory differences
Mat. master record Mat. master record
Material BMaterial A
Material B
Standard price 10
Total stock 80
Total value 800
Moving average price 10
Total stock 110
Total value 1100
Example: Inventory Difference in Own Stock
„ When you post inventory differences, the material master record is changed; the total stock is 
automatically adjusted to the counted quantity. In the accounting view, this corresponds to a goods 
receipt or goods issue, in other words, the stock account is credited or debited as a result of the 
inventory difference posting: 
- If the counted quantity is less than the book inventory balance, the stock account is debited for 
the value from the inventory difference* price. The offsetting entry is made to the "Income from 
physical inventory" account. 
- If the counted quantity is greater than the book inventory balance, the stock account is debited 
for the value from the inventory difference* price. The offsetting entry is made to the "Income 
from physical inventory" account. 
„ The amount posted is calculated on the basis of the current standard or moving average price, and so 
posting inventory differences does not result in a price change. 
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Create physicalCreate physical
inventoryinventory doc doc..11
Blocking indicatorBlocking indicator
Print physical
 inv. document
Enter physicalEnter physical
inventory countinventory count 44
List of 
differencesdifferences 66
Physical Inventory Process
- If you want to create a physical inventory document for many materials, you can do so 
automatically, according to your requirements. The process consists of two steps: 
-Creating a session with the required data 
-"Processing" the session, the system now carries out the required functions. 
- In physical inventory, you can work with sessions for the following functions: 
-Creating a physical inventory document 
-Blocking a material 
-Entering the count* 
-Freezing the book inventory balance 
-Setting the zero count automatically 
-Posting differences 
-Posting the count/differences* 
-Posting documents/count/differences* 
Functions marked with an asterisk (*) cannot be carried out using SAP R/3 alone, as the system 
does not know the count results. These functions are used for adopting physical inventory data 
into SAP R/3 if you carried out the count with a different system. 
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z In a periodic physical inventory, all the company's
stocks are physically counted on the balance
sheet key date. Every material has to be counted.
During counting, the entire warehouse must be
blocked for material movements.
z In the continuous inventory procedure, stocks are
counted continuously throughout the entire fiscal
year. In this case, it is important to ensure that
every material is physically counted at least once
during the fiscal year.
Physical Inventory Management: Summary
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Physical Inventory Management: Exercises 
Unit: Physical Inventory Management 
Topic: Physical Inventory Management 
\u2022 Explanation of the physical inventory process 
\u2022 Posting physical inventory documents 
\u2022 Configuration and various settings for the physical inventory 
\u2022 The physical inventory number and using it to group physical 
\u2022 Standard reports for the physical inventory 
Your company carries out physical inventories periodically. You have to 
check the stock quantity in the plant. You sometimes use various stock 
types to manage a material, for example, blocked stock, stock in quality 
inspection, or unrestricted-use stock. You carry out the physical inventory 
manually or using the batch function. If it is an unlikely count result, you 
may carry out a recount. 
1-1 Physical Inventory 
1-1-1 Create a physical inventory document for plant 1000, storage location 0001. 
The count is supposed to take place in two days, so you do not have to set 
the posting block. Assign physical inventory number G## for your group to 
the physical inventory document. The following materials and stock types 
should be counted. 
Material Stock Type 
T-AM1## Unrestricted-use 
T-AM1## Quality inspection 
T-AM1## Blocked stock 
Number of phys. inventory doc. ____________________________ 
1-1-2 Enter the physical inventory count for the document. Enter a variance of 5% 
on the initial screen and use the values in the table for the items in your 
document. Remember to set the zero count indicator. 
Material Count 
T-AM1## Unrestr.-use 110 
T-AM1## Quality insp. 48 
T-AM1## Blocked 0 
© SAP AG TSCM52 11-16 
1-1-3 Display the physical inventory document. Call up the history and statistics 
for the first material in the document and answer the questions below. 
Who entered the count? ____________________________ 
What is the physical inventory status?