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the purchase order history. 
„ When you are working in Invoice Verification, you can branch directly to Document Parking. 
„ You can delete a parked document. The system does not re-issue the number of the deleted 
document. When you delete a document, the document header remains in the system as evidence of 
what the document number was issued for. The line items are deleted from the database. 
© SAP AG TSCM52 13-7 
\uf8e9 SAP AG 1999
Document Parking: Document Status
MM Document MM Document 
 + Purchase Order History
+ Information to Financial Accounting
Save in Worklist
Park Incoming Invoice
Call Up Documents and Change
PostSave asComplete
Hold Save asCompletePark
„ There are different ways of storing information from an invoice in the system without generating an 
accounting document: 
„ Hold document 
Only preliminary checks are performed, for example, the invoicing party and the currency must be 
A MM document is created. No information is transmitted to Financial Accounting. 
„ Park document 
The same checks are carried out as for document parking. The system does not check the document 
balance and account assignment yet. 
A MM document is created, and the purchase order history is updated. Information is also 
transmitted to Financial Accounting. The document is listed in the parked open vendor items and is 
taken into account during tax reporting (advance tax return). 
„ Save document as complete 
The same checks are carried out as for \u201cPark document\u201d. Additionally, the system checks whether 
the document can be posted, that is, that the balance is zero and the account assignment data is 
The same checks are carried out as for \u201cPark document\u201d. The purchase order commitments are also 
canceled out 
„ Using the worklist, you can further process held and parked documents, as well as documents saved 
as complete. 
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\uf8e9 SAP AG 1999
z Park
Invoice Verification: 
z Check invoice
Document Parking: Complete
Invoice Verification: 
z Change invoice
z Complete
z Delete
z Post
zWorkflow ends
„ In Logistics Invoice Verification document parking, you can park invoices, credit memos, 
subsequent debits, and subsequent credits. When different processor groups "park" and "complete" 
invoice documents, you can use this workflow. 
„ All users authorized to complete parked documents receive a work item in their inbox. The work 
item can be used to change parked documents. The work item appears in the inbox of this employee 
until the parked invoice document has been completed, or until the invoice document is completed, 
deleted, or posted outside the workflow. 
„ The workflow ends when a user in the "completion" processor group 
y Saves the invoice as complete 
y Deletes the invoice 
y Posts the invoice 
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\uf8e9 SAP AG 1999
Invoice Verification: 
Invoice Verification: 
z Check invoice
Document Parking: Release and Post
Relevant for release
z Save document
as complete
z Change invoice
z Note: Reason
for refusal
z Release 
z Refuse 
zWorkflow ends
„ In Logistics Invoice Verification, you can control the document parking process using workflow. 
This is useful where invoices exceeding certain release criteria must be approved by an employee 
responsible for release before the invoice documents are posted. 
y In the release procedure, the person responsible for release decides whether the invoice document 
should be released. If he or she decides to release the invoice, then the document is posted. 
y If he or she refuses the release, the document, including a note detailing the reason for the refusal, 
is passed to the invoice verification clerks responsible for completing documents for them to make 
„ When the changed invoice document is "saved as complete" and becomes relevant for release, then 
the person responsible for release receives a new work item in his or her inbox for processing. 
„ The workflow ends when the person responsible for the release releases the invoice document, or 
when the invoice verification clerk deletes or parks the invoice. 
© SAP AG TSCM52 13-10 
\uf8e9 SAP AG 1999
z In Logistics Invoice Verification, you can use the
functions Hold, Park, and Save as complete to
enter invoices without immediately creating an
accounting document.
z Two workflows are available for parking:
Complete parked documents and Release
complete documents
Document Parking: Summary
© SAP AG TSCM52 13-11 
Document Parking Exercises 
Unit: Document Parking 
At the end of this exercise, you will be able to: 
Park an invoice 
Change and post a parked invoice 
Your company parks invoices when invoice information is missing: 
1-1 The vendor sent you the following invoice. 
Sapsota Company Limited Vendor T-L15A## 
Invoice date: (today\u2019s date) 
Invoice 1602## 
This invoice refers to your purchase order number 41515162## 
T-M15B## Flat gaskets 100 pcs 5000 UNI 
T-M15C## Packing gaskets 100 pcs 2000 UNI 
Processing charges for changes to the contract 40 UNI 
 7040 UNI 
Tax: 10 % tax 704 UNI 
Total due: 7744 UNI 
1-1-1 Your job is to post this invoice. While entering the invoice, you notice that 
information about how to post the processing charges is missing. You then 
switch to document parking and save the document. 
Document number _____________________ 
© SAP AG TSCM52 13-12 
1-1-2 Display your worklist. Go to the document display. 
How can you tell from the document display that the document is parked? 
Which updates have been carried out? Is there an accounting document? 
Does the system list the document in the purchase order history? 
1-1-3 After consulting with the vendor, you now need to post the charges as 
unplanned delivery costs. Complete the parked document and then post it. 
1-1-4 Display the posted document. What changes have occurred since 1-1-2? 
© SAP AG TSCM52 13-13 
Document Parking Solutions 
Unit: Document Parking 
1-1 Logistics \u2192 Materials Management \u2192 Logistics Invoice Verification \u2192 Document 
Entry \u2192 Enter Invoice 
1-1-1 Enter the following data on the Basic data tab page: 
Field name or data type Values 
Document date <today\u2019s date> 
Reference 1602## 
Amount 7744 
Tax amount 704 
You enter the purchase order number as the allocation: 
Field name or data type Values 
Purchase order/scheduling agreement 41515162## 
You check the invoice items with reference. 
 Because you do not know how the processing charges are to be posted, 
select Edit \u2192 Switch to document parking. Finally, save the data you have 
entered using Save parked document. 
1-1-2 Using Worklist on you obtain the documents you have parked in the left 
screen area. Double-click on the document entered in 1-1-1 to access the 
'Change parked document\u2019 screen. 
You can see from the title that the document has only been parked. The 
parked document appears in the purchase order history marked with a 
special indicator. There is no accounting document yet, but the document 
can be displayed in the vendor\u2019s