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for paymentfor payment
Payment program cannot
pay the invoice
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Blocking Blocking reasonreason
no no longer validlonger valid
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Automatic Release
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Payment program 
can pay the invoice
„ Blocking reason Q (quantity) may no longer apply after the arrival of a further delivery or a credit 
„ Blocking reason D (date) becomes invalid over time. 
„ Blocking reason P (price) may no longer apply if you change the purchase order price or if you 
receive a subsequent credit. 
„ Blocking reason I (quality) no longer applies when the goods pass the quality inspection. 
„ Invoices with blocking reasons that are no longer valid must still be released for payment. 
„ In the case of automatic release, the R/3 System deletes all blocking reasons that no longer apply in 
all invoices that match the selection made. If an invoice no longer contains any blocking reasons, it is 
released for payment. 
„ You can release invoices automatically in the background using program RM08RELEASE. 
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 Blocking reasons Differences
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510001234 001 x 20
510001234 003 x 120
510001234 007 x x 200 23
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510001503 002 x x x 10 170 11
510001503 003 x x x 50
510001503 007 x 200
510001503 009 x x 6 100
Manual Release
Select for
blocking reason
Blocking reason
 no longer valid
„ The R/3 System displays the blocked invoice items in the list. The list contains a lot of information, 
which you can organize to suit your needs. 
„ If you want to release an invoice, you must select one line of the invoice. The R/3 System selects all 
other items in the same invoice, since you cannot release items individually. It releases the invoice 
when you choose the function Save changes. 
„ You can delete blocking reasons in a single invoice item by placing your cursor on a blocking reason 
and choosing Cancel blocking reason. When you delete the last blocking reason and choose the 
function Save changes, the R/3 System releases the invoice for payment. 
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Releasing Invoices Blocked Due to Price Variances
z Read Buyer\u2019s memo
zz Invoice blocked
due to price
Invoice Verification
z Display blocked 
invoice items that 
cannot be clarified
zz Check the price 
zChange PO
zz Flag invoice item as
cannot be clarified
zz Workflow ends
z Delete blocking
„ If at least one item in an invoice is blocked due to a price variance, the workflow event 
IncomingInvoice.blockedPrice can be triggered. 
„ A work item appears in the buyer\u2019s inbox. 
„ The buyer can display the invoice item blocked due to a price variance and process it. 
„ The buyer can change the price in the purchase order, delete the blocking reason in the invoice item, 
or flag the invoice item as one that cannot be clarified. He or she can also enter a memo for the 
accounts payable clerk. 
„ If the buyer changes the order price or deletes the blocking reason, the R/3 System checks if the 
invoice can now be released automatically. 
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z Release invoices manually at item or header level
z Release an invoice automatically
You are now able to:
Releasing Blocked Invoices: Summary
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Releasing Blocked Invoices: Exercises 
Unit: Releasing Blocked Invoices 
At the end of this exercise, you will be able to: 
\u2022 Release invoices manually 
\u2022 Release invoices automatically 
Most blocked invoices are released automatically when the 
balance of the goods is received or the purchase order price is 
If the variances are justified, the supervisor should release the 
invoice for payment. 
1-1 You are the supervisor responsible for blocked invoices. 
1-1-1 List all the invoices for your vendor T-L15A## that have been blocked 
automatically due to variances. You want to move the cash discount date so 
that you do not lose the cash discount. 
1-1-2 How can you identify that blocking reasons are no longer valid? 
Are any invoices released when you use the automatic release function? If 
so, which ones? 
1-1-3 Display the invoice for purchase order 41515121##. Branch to the purchase 
order history. Why was the invoice blocked? Why do some of the blocking 
reasons no longer apply? Can you have the R/3 System release the invoice 
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1-1-4 Delete individual blocking reasons. What happens when you delete the last 
blocking reason in an invoice? 
1-1-5 Release one invoice. Invoice document number: _______________ 
1-1-6 Save your changes. 
1-1-7 Display a released document. Can you identify the reason why the invoice 
was blocked and who released the invoice? 
1-2 Display all invoices that you have entered and which have been stochastically 
blocked, and release them. 
1-3 Execute the automatic invoice release function for vendor T-L15A##. 
1-3-1 If the R/3 System releases invoices, check one of them. Can you identify the 
reason why the invoice was blocked? 
1-3-2 How does the automatic release function affect the next manual release? 
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Releasing Blocked Invoices Solutions 
Unit: Releasing Blocked Invoices 
1-1 Logistics \u2192 Materials Management \u2192 Logistics Invoice Verification ### 
Further Processing ### Release Invoices 
1-1-1 In the Selection of blocked invoices area, you enter the following data: 
Field name or data type Values 
Company code 1000 
Vendor T-L15A## 
In the Processing area, you select Release manually and Move cash discount 
In the Blocking procedure area, you select Blocked due to variances. 
When you choose Execute, a list of the blocked invoices appears. 
1-1-2 The blocking reasons that are highlighted in yellow are no longer valid and 
will be deleted the next time that you release invoices automatically. The 
system releases invoices containing only reasons that are no longer valid. 
1-1-3 The invoice for purchase order 41515121## was blocked due to quantity 
and price variances. The quantity variances are no longer valid because you 
have entered another goods receipt, but the price variance is still valid. The 
system cannot release the invoice automatically. 
1-1-4 If you place the cursor on a blocking reason and choose Cancel blocking 
reason, the blocking reason is highlighted in green. The system only deletes 
all blocking reasons highlighted in green when