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Etimologia e Abreviaturas de Termos Médicos (PDF)

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ARBV Arbia virus 
ARC absolute reticulocyte caunt; 
accelerat ing rate calorimetry; 
Accreditation Review Council; acquired 
immunodeficiency syn drome-related 
complex; active renin concen tration; 
AIDS-related complex; American Red 
Cross; anomalous retinal correspon dence; 
antigen reactive cell; arcuate; Arthritis 
Rehabilitation Center; arthrogryposis-
renal dysfunction-cholestasis [syndrome]; 
Asso ciation for Retarded Children; 
Association for Retarded Citizens; atypical 
reparative changes; automatic exposure 
ARCA acquired red cell aplasia 
ARCO age-related cognitive decline 
ARCH Amiodarone Reduces Coronary 
Artery Bypass Grafting Hospitalization 
[trial]; automated record for child health 
ARCI Addiction Research Center Inven-
ARCOS Auckland Region Coronary or 
Stroke [study] 
ARCS Associate of the Royal College of 
Science: Atherosclerosis Risk in Commu-
nities Study 
ARC-ST Accreditation Review Council 
for Educational Programs in Surgical 
ARD absolute reaction of degeneration: 
acute radiation disease; acute respiratory 
disease; aduIt respiratory distress; allergic 
respiratory disease; ancillary report dis-
play; anorectal dressing; aortic root diam-
eter; arthritis and rheumatic diseases; 
atopic respiratory disease 
AR-DLMD autosomal recessive Duch-
enne-like muscular dystrophy 
ARDMS American Registry of Diagnostic 
Medical Sonographers 
ARDS acute respiratory distress syn-
drome; adult respiratory distress 
ARE active-resistive exercises; AIDS-
related encephalitis; antioxidant response 
AREDS Age-Related Eye Disease Study 
AREDYLD acrorenal field defect, ectoder-
mal dysplasia, lipoatrophic diabetes 
AREPA acetazolamide-responsive familial 
paroxysmal ataxia 
ARES antireticulo-endothelial serum 
AREV Advanced Revelations [platform for 
database distribution] 
ARF acute renal failure; acute respiratory 
failure; acute rheumatic fever; Addiction 
Research Foundation; ambulance report 
form; area resource file 
ARFC active rosette-forming T-cell; 
autologous rosette-forming cell 
ARFD acrorenal field defect 
AR-FSP autosomal recessive familial 
spastic paraplegia 
ARG, Arg arginine 
arg arginine; silve r [Lat. argentum] 
ARGAMI Argatroban Compared with 
Heparin in Myocardial Infarction Treated 
with Recombinant Tissue Pla-sminogen 
ARGS antitrypsin-related gene sequence 
ArGV Artogeia rapae granulovirus 
ARI absolute risk increase; activetion-
recovery interval; acute renal 
insufficiency; acute respiratory illness; 
airway reactivity index; acute respiratory 
infection; aldolase reductase inhibitor; 
annual rate of infection; anxiety reaction, 
ARIA acetylcholine receptor-inducing 
activity; allergic rhinitis and its impact on 
asthma; automated radioimmunoassay 
ARIC acrosome reaction ionophore 
challenge [test]; Atherosclerosis Risk in 
Communities [study] 
ARIF Aggressive Research Intelligence 
Facility [UK] 
ARIMA autoregressive integrated moving 
ARIS Andrology Research Information 
System; Anturan Reinfarction Italian 
Study; auto-regulated inspiratory support 
Ar Kr argon-krypton [laser] 
ARKV Arkonam virus 
ARL Association of Research Libraries; 
average remaining lifetime 
ARLD alcohol related liver disease 
AR-LGMD autosomal recessive limb 
muscular dystrophy 
ArLV artichoke latent virus 
ArLVM artichoke latent vinis M 
ArLVS artichoke latent virus S 
ARM adrenergic receptor material; 
advanced respiratory mechanics; aerosol 
rebreathing method; ambulatory renal 
monitor; anorectalmanometry; anxiety 
reaction, mild; argininerich motif; 
Armenian [hamster]; artificial rupture of 
membranes; associations rule mining 
[algorithm]; atomic resolution microscopy 
ARMA autoregressive moving average 
ARMD age-related muscle degeneration
ARMS access by radial artery multilink 
stent; adverse reaction monitoring 
system, amplification refractory mutation 
ARMV Arumateua virus 
ARN acute renal necrosis; acute retinal 
necrosis; arcuate nucleus; Association of 
Rehabilitation Nurses 
ARNMD Association for Research in 
Nervous and Mental Diseases 
ARNP Advanced Registered Nurse 
ARNSHL autosomal recessive non-
syndromic hearing loss 
ARNT aryl hydrocarbon nuclear 
tramlocator; aryl hydrocarbon receptor 
nuclear translocator 
ARNV Aruana virus 
ARO adjusted reIative odds; Association 
for Research in Ophthalmology 
AROA autosomal recessive ocular 
AROAV Aroa virus 
AROM active range of motion; artificial 
rupture of membranes 
arom aromatic 
ARP absolute refractory period; address 
resolution protocol; American Registry 
of Pathologists; American Registry of 
Pathology; anticipated recovery path; 
apolipoprotein regulatory protein; assay 
reference plasma; assimilation regulatory 
protein; atrial refractory period; at risk 
period; automaticity recovery phase
ARPA Advanced Research Projects 
Agency; anterior lateral retroperitoneal 
ARPANET Advanced Research Projects 
Agency Network 
ARPC Akaike relative power contribution 
ARPD autosomal recessive polycystic 
ARPES angular resolved photoelectron 
ARPKD autosomal recessive polycystic 
kidney disease 
ARPT American Registry of Physical 
ARR bsolute risk reduction; aortic root 
arr arrest, arrested 
ARRC Associate of the Royal Red Cross 
ARREST Amiodarone in Out-of-Hospital 
Resuscitation of Refractory Sustained 
Ventricular Tachyarrhythmia; Amsterdam 
Resuscitation Study 
ARRP autosomal recessive retinitis 
ARRS American Roentgen Ray Society 
ARRT American Registry of Radiologic 
ARS acquiescence response scale; acute 
rediation syndrome or sickness; adult 
Reye’s syndrome; alcohol-related seizures; 
alizarin red S; American Radium Society; 
American Rhinologic Society; antirabies 
serum; arsphenamine; arylsulfatase; 
Atherogenic Risk Study; autonomously 
replicating sequence 
Ars arsphenamine 
ARSA American Reye’s Syndrome 
Association; arylsulfatase A 
ARSAC Administration of Radioactive 
Substances Advisory Committee 
ARSACS autosomal recessive spastic 
ataxia Charlevoix-Saguenay 
ARSB arylsulfatase B 
ARSC arylsulfatase C; Associate of the 
Royal Society of Chemistry 
ARSM acute respiratory system 
ARSPH Associate of the Royal Society for 
the Promotion of Health 
ART absolute retention time; Accredited 
Record Technician; Achilles reflex time; 
acoustic reflex test; acoustic reflex 
threshold, adaptive resonance theory; 
algebraic reconstructive technique; 
algebraic reconstructive technique; 
AngioJet Rapid Trombectomy Catheter 
Study; antiretroviral therapy; artery; 
assisted reproductive technique; 
automated radiation therapy; automated 
reagin test; automaticity recovery time 
art artery, arterial; articulation; artificial 
ARTF artificial 
arth arthritis 
artic articulation, articulated 
artif artificial 
ARTlS Human Immunodeficiency Virus/ 
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome 
[HIV/AIDS] Treatment Information Service 
[NLM database] 
ARTISTIC Angiorad Radiation Technology 
for In-Stent Restenosis Trial in Coronaries
ARTMAP adaptive resonance theory 
Art O2 arterial oxygen flow 
ARTS Arterial Revascularization Therapies 
ARU arthritis rehabilitation unit 
ARUAV Aruac virus 
ARV acquired immunodeficiency 
syndrome-related virus; Adelaide 
River virus; anterior right ventricle; 
antiretroviral; avian orthoreovirus; avian 
ARV-A Aquareovirus A 
ARV-B Aquareovirus B 
ARV-C Aquareovirus C 
ARVC arrhythmogenic right ventricular 
ARVD arrhythmogenic right ventricular 
ARV-D Aquareovirus D 
ARV-E Aquareovirus