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Etimologia e Abreviaturas de Termos Médicos (PDF)

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CAVG coronary artery vein graft 
CAVH continuous arteriovenous 
CAVHD continuous arteriovenous 
CAVHDF continuous arteriovenous 
cavHV caviid herpesvirus 
CAVLT Children’s Auditory Verbal 
Learning Test 
CAVO common atrioventricular orifice 
C(a-v)O2 arteriovenous oxygen tension 
CAVRcontinuous arteriovenous 
CAVS Conformance Assessment to 
Voluntary, Standards 
CAVSD complete atrioventricular septal 
CAVU continuous arteriovenous 
CAW central airways 
CAW airway conductance 
CawLV caraway latent virus 
CAX central axis [radiotherapy] 
CaYMV canine yellow mottle virus 
CB Bachelor of Surgery [Lat. Chirurgiae 
Baccalaureus]; calcium blocker; 
cannabinoid, carbenicillin; carotid body; 
chocolate blood [agar]; chromatin body; 
chronic bronchitis; circumflex branch; 
code blue; color blind; compensated base; 
consensus band [genome computing]; 
conus branch; Coomassie blue; 
coprocessor board; coracobrachial 
8CB octylcyanobiphenyl
Cb cerebellum; niobium [columbium] 
C3b complement component 3b 
CBA chronic bronchitis and asthma; 
Columbia blood agar [test]; cost-benefit 
CBAB complement-binding antibody 
CBADAA Certifying Board of the 
American Dental Assistants Association 
CBAS carotid bifurcation angioplasty and 
CBAVD congenital bilateral absence of 
vas deferens 
CBBEST cutting balloon before stent 
CBBM color blindness, blue mono-
conemonochromatic type 
CBC carbenicillin; child behavior 
characteristics; compensatory base 
change; complete blood cell count 
cbc complete blood cell count 
CBCL Child Behavior Checklist; cutaneous 
B-cell lymphoma 
CBCL/2-3 Child Behavior Checklist for 
ages 2-3 
CBCN carbenicillin 
CBCT cone-beam computed tomography 
CbCtx cerebellar cortex 
CBD carotid body denervation; closed 
bladder drainage; color blindness, deutan 
type; common bile duct; Convention on 
Biological Diversity 
CBDC chronic bullous disease of children 
CBDE Chemical and Biological Defense 
Establishment [Canada]; common bile 
duct exploration 
CBDMP California Birth Defects 
Monitoring Program
CBDPR computer-based dental patient 
CBDV Colocasia bobone disease virus 
CBE clinical breast examination 
CBER Center for Biologic Evaluation and 
CBET certified biomedical equipment 
CBEV Choristoneura biennis 
CBF capillary blood flow; cerebral blood 
flow; ciliary beat frequency; collagen-
binding factor; core-binding factor; 
coronary blood flow; cortical blood flow 
CBFB core-binding factor, beta 
CBFb beta subunit of core-binding factor 
CBFV coronary blood flow velocity 
CBG capillary blood gases; coronary 
bypass graft; corticosteroid-binding 
globulin; cortisol-binding globulin 
CBGv corticosteroid-binding globulin 
CBH chronic benign hepatitis; cutaneous 
basophilic hypersensitivity 
CbHV cebine herpesvirus 
CBI chemical binding index; children’s 
behavior inventory; combined behavioral 
intervention; continuous bladder 
irrigation; convergent beam irradiation 
CBIC Certification Board of Infection 
Control and Epidemiology 
CBL circulating blood lymphocytes; 
chronic blood loss; cord blood leukocytes 
Cbl cobalamin 
CBLVd Citrus bent leaf viroid 
CBM capillary basement membrane 
CBMMP chronic benign mucous 
membrane pemphigus 
CBN cannabinol; central benign 
neoplasm; Commission on Biological 
CBNB Chemical Business News Database 
CBNV Colony B North virus 
CBO community-based organization; 
Congressional Budget Office 
CBOC completion bed occupancy care 
CBOD chemical and biological oxygen 
CBOD5 5-day chemical and biological 
CBP calcium-binding protein; cAMP-
binding protein; carbohydrate-binding 
protein; cardiopulmonary bypass; 
chlorobiphenyl; cobalamin-binding 
protein; color blindness, protan type; 
convolution back projection; cruciform 
binding protein; cyclic adenosine 
monophosphate [cAMP] binding protein 
C4BP complement 4 binding protein 
CBPR computer-based patient record 
CBPS chemical and biological protected 
shelter; congenital bilateral perisylvian 
CBPV chronic bee paralysis virus 
CBR carbonyl reductase; case-based 
reasoning; chemical, biological, and 
radiological [warfare]; chemically-bound 
residue; chronic bed rest; complete bed 
rest; crude birth rate 
CBRL contextual Bayesian relaxation 
labeling technique 
CBS cervicobrachial syndrome; chronic 
brain syndrome; clinical behavioral 
science; conjugated bile salts; culture-
bound syndrome; cystathionine beta-
CB3S Coxsackie B3 virus susceptibility 
CBSD component-based software 
CBT carotid body tumor; code blue team: 
cognitive behavioral treatment/ therapy; 
computed body tomography; computer-
based testing; computer-based training 
instruction; cord blood transplant; 
corticobulbar tract 
CBV capillary blood cell velocity; 
carnation bacilliform virus; catheter 
balloon valvuloplasty; central blood 
volume; cerebral blood volume; 
circulating blood volume; corrected blood 
volume; cortical blood volume; Coxsackie 
B virus 
CBVD cerebrovascular disease 
CbVd Coleus blumei viroid 
CBVI computer-based video instructtion 
CBW chemical and biological war-fare 
CBX computer-based examination 
CBZ carbamazepine 
CC calcaneal-cuboid; calcium 
cyclamate; calf circumference; cardiac 
catheterization; cardiac center; 
cardiac contusion; cardiac cycle; 
cardiovascular clinic; cascade correlation; 
cell culture; central compartment; 
cerebral commissure; cerebral cortex; 
cervical cancer; chest circumference; 
chief complaint; cholecalciferol; 
chondrocalcinosis; choriocarcinoma; 
chronic complainer; circulatory collapse; 
classical conditioning; clean catch [of 
urine]; Clinical Center [NIH]; clinical 
course; clomiphene citrate; closed 
cup; closing capacity; coefficient 
of consistency; collagenous colitis; 
colony count; colorectal cancer; 
columnar cells; commission certified; 
common cold; communication-client; 
complicating condition; complications 
and comorbidity; compound cathartic; 
computation constant; computer 
calculated; computer center; 
concordance; congenital cardiopathy; 
congenital cataract; consumptive 
coagulopathy; contrast cystogram; 
conversion complete; coracoclavicular; 
cord compression; coronary care; 
corpus callosum; correlation coefficient; 
costochondral; Coulter counter; 
craniocaudal; craniocervical; creatinine 
clearance; criticaI care; critical condition; 
Crohn colitis; Cronkhite-Canada 
[syndrome]; cross correlation; crus cerebri; 
cubic centimeter [JCAHO unapproved 
abbreviation]; current complaint; Current 
CC convexo-concave 
C&C cold and clammy 
Cc concave 
cc clean catch [urine]; concave; corrected; 
cubic centimeter [JCAHO unapproved 
CCA canonical correlation; cephalin 
cholesterol antigen; chick cell 
agglutination; chimpanzee coryza agent; 
choriocarcinoma; chromated copper 
arsenate; circulating cathodic antigen; 
circumflex coronary artery; common 
carotid artery; congenital contractural 
arachnodactyly; constitutional 
chromosome abnormality 
CCAB complex cognitive assessment 
CCABOT Cornell Coronary Artery 
Bypass Outcomes Trial 
CCAg corpus callosum agenesis 
CCAIT Canadian Coronary Atherosclerosis 
Intervention Trial 
CCAM congenital cystic adenomatoid 
malformation; General Classification 
of Medical Procedures [Classification 
Commune des Actes Medicaux] 
CCAP Cancer Chromosomal Aberration 
Project [database]; client-centered 
accreditation program 
C-CAP custom-contoured ablation 
CCAT Canadian Coronary Atherectomy