Gruber's Complete GRE Guide 2015   Gruber, Gary R
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Gruber's Complete GRE Guide 2015 Gruber, Gary R

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correct choice, since an underwater diver certainly 
has to be physically fit. Nevertheless, the passage 
nowhere states this directly.
Increase your Vocabulary to Boost your reading 
Comprehension Score
 1. You can increase your vocabulary tremendously by learning Latin and Greek roots, 
prefixes, and suffixes. Knowing the meanings of difficult words will thereby help you to 
understand a passage better.
 Sixty percent of all the words in our English language are derived from Latin and 
Greek. By learning certain Latin and Greek roots, prefixes, and suffixes, you will be able 
to understand the meanings of more than 150,000 additional English words. See \u201cThe 
Gruber Prefix-Root-Suffix List\u201d beginning on page 368.
 2. This book also includes a \u201cGRE 3,400-Word List\u201d beginning on page 379. This Word List 
will prove to be a powerful vocabulary builder for you.
There are other steps\u2014in addition to the two steps explained above\u2014to increase your 
vocabulary. Here they are:
 3. Take vocabulary tests like the 100 Tests to Strengthen Your Vocabulary beginning on 
page 428.
 4. Read as widely as possible\u2014novels, nonfiction, newspapers, magazines.
 5. Listen to people who speak well. Many TV programs have very fine speakers. You can 
pick up many new words listening to such programs.
 6. Get into the habit of using a dictionary often. You can get a dictionary app for your phone 
or look up words online.
 7. Play word games\u2014crossword puzzles will really build up your vocabulary.
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example 1
Acting, like much writing, is probably a compensation 
for and release from the strain of some profound mal - 
adjustment of the psyche. The actor lives most intensely by 
proxy. He has to be somebody else to be himself. But it is 
all done openly and for our delight. The dangerous man, 
the enemy of nonattachment or any other wise way of life, 
is the born actor who has never found his way into the 
Theater, who never uses a stage door, who does not take a 
call and then wipe the paint off his face. It is the intrusion 
of this temperament into political life, in which at this day 
it most emphatically does not belong, that works half the 
mischief in the world. In every country you may see them 
rise, the actors who will not use the Theater, and always 
they bring down disaster from the angry gods who like to 
see mountebanks in their proper place.
 1. The meaning of \u201cmaladjustment\u201d (lines 2\u20133) is a
(A) replacement of one thing for another
(B) profitable experience in business
(C) consideration for the feelings of others
(D) disregard of advice offered by others
(E) poor relationship with one\u2019s environment
 2. The meaning of \u201cpsyche\u201d (line 3) is
(A) person
(B) mind
(C) personality
(D) psychology
(E) physique
 3. The meaning of \u201cintrusion\u201d (line 9) is
(A) entering without being welcome
(B) acceptance after considering the facts
(C) interest that has developed after a period of 
(D) fear as the result of imagination
(E) refusing to obey a command
 4. The meaning of \u201cmountebanks\u201d (line 15) is
(A) mountain climbers
(B) cashiers
(C) high peaks
(D) fakers
(E) mortals
explanatory answers
 1. Choice E is correct. The prefix mal- means \u201cbad.\u201d 
Obviously a maladjustment is a bad adjustment\u2014
that is, a poor relationship with one\u2019s environment.
 2. Choice B is correct. The root psyche means the 
mind functioning as the center of thought, feeling, 
and behavior.
 3. Choice A is correct. The prefix in- means \u201cinto\u201d 
in this case. The root trud, trus means \u201cpushing 
into\u201d\u2014or entering without being welcome.
 4. Choice D is correct. The root mont means \u201cto climb.\u201d 
The root banc means a \u201cbench.\u201d A mountebank is 
literally \u201cone who climbs on a bench.\u201d The actual 
meaning of mountebank is a quack (faker) who sells 
useless medicines from a platform in a public place.
example 2
The American Museum of Natural History has long por-
trayed various aspects of man. Primitive cultures have been 
shown through habitat groups and displays of man\u2019s tools, 
utensils, and art. In more recent years, there has been a 
tendency to delineate man\u2019s place in nature, displaying 
his destructive and constructive activities on the earth he 
inhabits. Now, for the first time, the Museum has taken man 
apart, enlarged the delicate mechanisms that make him 
run, and examined him as a biological phenomenon.
 In the new Hall of the Biology of Man, Museum techni- 
cians have created a series of displays that are instructive 
to a degree never before achieved in an exhibit hall. Using 
new techniques and new materials, they have been able to 
produce movement as well as form and color. It is a human 
belief that beauty is only skin deep. But nature has proved 
to be a master designer, not only in the matter of man\u2019s 
bilateral symmetry but also in the marvelous packaging 
job that has arranged all man\u2019s organs and systems within 
his skin-covered case. When these are taken out of the 
case, greatly enlarged, and given color, they reveal form 
and design that give the lie to that old saw. Visitors will be 
surprised to discover that man\u2019s insides, too, are beautiful.
 1. The meaning of \u201cbilateral\u201d (line 17) is
(A) biological
(B) two-sided
(C) natural
(D) harmonious
(E) technical
 2. The meaning of \u201csymmetry\u201d (line 17) is
(A) simplicity
(B) obstinacy
(C) sincerity
(D) appearance
(E) proportion
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explanatory answers
 1. Choice B is correct. The prefix bi- means \u201ctwo.\u201d 
The root latus means \u201cside.\u201d Therefore, bilateral 
means \u201ctwo-sided.\u201d
 2. Choice E is correct. The prefix sym- means 
\u201ctogether.\u201d The root metr means \u201cmeasure.\u201d The 
word symmetry, therefore, means \u201cproportion,\u201d 
\u201charmonious relation of parts,\u201d \u201cbalance.\u201d
Know how to Deal with Questions that ask you to Find 
Statements that Support or Weaken the arguments in a 
Passage or Statements that the Passage Does Not Provide 
any Information about
Children should be required to play a musical instrument 
at an early age so that they will develop an appreciation for 
music. Furthermore, they should be exposed to classical 
music and be made knowledgeable of the history in the 
composer\u2019s time so that they can associate the composer\u2019s 
music with the particular period in time. By incorporating 
these aspects in the children\u2019s educational program, the 
children will develop an appreciation and understanding of 
classical music.
supporting an argument
Which of the following statements, if true, is supported 
by the passage?
(A) Great musicians have developed their talents 
at an early age.
(B) Adults who love classical music are aware of 
the historical period of the compositions they 
listen to.
(C) Children who play an instrument show greater 
affinity for appreciation of classical music later 
in life.
(D) Children who are exposed to and listen to clas-
sical music develop an appreciation for music 
in their teenage and adult years.
(E) Classical music develops the intellect of the 
mind and provides carryover for creativity in 
other disciplines.
explanatory answer
Choice C is correct: See lines 1\u20132. Choice A is incorrect: 
The passage doesn\u2019t describe how great musicians 
developed their talent. Choice B is incorrect: The 
passage does not say that a \u201clove\u201d or even \u201cappreciation\u201d 
for classical music is associated specifically with the 
knowledge of the period in history of the compositions. 
Choice D is incorrect: The passage only says that appre-
ciation for music is based on the playing of a musical 
instrument. Choice E is incorrect: This is not mentioned 
in the passage.