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[G. Edward Griffin] Fearful Master A Second Look (BookZZ.org)

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come when it is more than 
ever necessary to match the words with deeds. For the UN is in danger of going 
the way of the old League of Nations.16 
A few months later, the same newspaper offered its Communist readers several tips on what 
arguments to use to overcome any criticism of the United Nations' dismal record. It answered the 
critics this way: 
So you see, its not the UN that merits your scorn and active opposition, but the 
policies that have undermined the UN and turned it into the opposite kind of an 
organization than was envisioned in San Francisco and provided in the 
A further indication of the Communists' interest in maintaining the United Nations can be found in the 
Preamble to the constitution of the Communist party: 
The Communist party of the United States . . . fights uncompromisingly against . . 
. all forms of chauvinism. . . . It holds further that the true national interest of our 
country and the cause of peace and progress require . . . the strengthening of 
the United Nations as a universal instrument of peace. 
This, then, is the "baby carriage" that has been sold to the American people--sold, but not yet 
delivered. When the day comes that the planners feel ready to assemble the parts on our soil, our 
innocence and good intentions will be of small comfort. 
The plan is both simple and brilliant. But have the Communists succeeded in conquering one third of 
the world through stupidity? Did they do it with brute force? Was it luck? The answers to these 
questions are obvious. One thing for which the Communists must be given credit is that they are 
master strategists. They know full well that they could never hope to conquer the world through 
military might alone. But through trickery and deception, they have developed a formula whereby they 
can take over America, and thus the rest of the world, without firing a single shot. Khrushchev has 
said that when the Red flag flies over America, it will be Americans who will put it there. And in that 
simple boast lies the key to everything the Communists and their allies are trying to accomplish 
through the United Nations. 
As Abraham Lincoln predicted, "If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. 
As a nation of free men, we must live through all time, or die by suicide." 
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Let none but Americans stand guard tonight! 
George Washington 
It is a sad commentary on contemporary America that when anyone tries to call attention to the fact 
that known Communists have succeeded in penetrating into key positions within our government, he 
is usually met with a barrage of wild accusations and condemnations from the anti-anti-Communists 
who now seem to dominate our opinion-molding channels of mass communications. Anyone who 
tries to arouse his fellow citizens to the terrible danger of allowing Communists and fellow travelers in 
high places runs the risk of becoming the object of public scorn. He will be labeled "extremist," 
"radical right," "crackpot." He will be contemptuously dismissed with the observation, "Oh, he sees a 
Communist under every bed." This phrase has almost become the national slogan of that great army 
of Americans who, being afraid to examine the evidence closely lest they discover a truth too 
unpleasant to bear, loudly repeat over and over again, as though saying it made it so, "It can't 
happen here; it can't happen here." 
As a former head of the U.S. Communist party, William Z. Foster, put it: 
American imperialism is now strong. Its champions ridicule the idea of a 
revolution . . . they console themselves with the thought that "it could never 
happen in this country," and they scorn the at-present weak Communist party. 
But they overlook the detail that the same attitude was taken toward the pre-
revolution Bolsheviki.1 
There is, of course, no law that offers us eternal immunity from a Communist take-over. It can and 
will happen here unless enough of us do something to prevent it. To act intelligently, however, we 
must first know how the enemy is operating and then appraise his progress and the strength of his 
present position. We have already studied his master strategy. Let us now examine the extent to 
which he has succeeded in carrying it out. 
Since a major Communist objective is to consolidate total working control of the United Nations, and 
since all else depends on that single accomplishment, we shall begin with that part of the record. 
The casual observer might conclude that the degree of Communist control over the United Nations 
can be measured by the number of votes they have from satellite countries. On this basis the 
Communists could only come up with about 12 out of the total of 113. The record shows, however, 
that a substantial number of countries classified as neutral consistently vote with the Communist bloc. 
The Afro-Asian bloc, for instance (which now has over half the total number of votes in the entire 
organization), and much of the Latin American bloc almost never vote on the same side as the United 
States unless the United States happens to be voting on the same side as the Soviets-as is often the 
case. Not all of these countries, of course, are under the full control of Moscow; but they are, without 
exception, fiercely socialist and anti-U.S. in their orientation. Many of them consist of little more than 
primitive areas of the world ruled by tribal chiefs and petty despots. Kenya, for instance, is now run by 
Jomo ("Burning Spear") Kenyatta, former leader of the terrorist Mau Mau uprisings of the 1950's. 
Many nations in the United Nations are dictatorships with hardly a pretense at representative 
Government. Few of them share values and traditions similar to ours. There is widespread contempt 
for the rich Yankee who thinks that his money can buy friendship. And we should not deceive 
ourselves. Most of what apparent support we do get in the UN is the result of financial bribery, 
nothing more. Conor O'Brien inadvertently confirmed this when he wrote: 
Delegations from countries receiving aid from the United States would be warned 
in a friendly way that "Congress might find it hard to understand" a given vote. 
Such countries rarely allowed to their