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[G. Edward Griffin] Fearful Master A Second Look (BookZZ.org)

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Soviet Communists are busy inculcating in their 
youth a strong loyalty to the Russian fatherland and to a precise dogma, UNESCO encourages 
Americans to deny their own children comparable convictions. When there no longer appears to be 
anything worth defending, America will be lost. 
It should come as no surprise, therefore, to find that UNESCO has chosen to locate a western 
hemisphere headquarters in Communist Cuba since Cuba is, at present, the most solid Soviet 
satellite in this hemisphere. From there, it can carry on its subversion and propaganda activities 
throughout all of North and South America. 
An interesting sidelight on this development occurred during a UNESCO conference held in Paris in 
1960. Castro's Cuba submitted a report to the other delegates at the conference which read in part: 
Law 680 was promulgated to lay the foundations of a new, more rational and 
effective general system of education. UNESCO experts have cooperated in this 
great task. . . . As will be seen in the following account of the implementation of 
UNESCO's major projects, Cuba, precisely by virtue of the revolutionary 
movement that is the driving force of our country, is one of the foremost nations 
in the world in the implementation of these projects. . . . One token of the high 
regard in which the revolutionary government holds UNESCO and the aims it 
pursues, is the fact that the Cuban National Commission at present has the 
largest budget since it was estabhshed.26 
And now UNESCO is hoping that the United States Senate will ratify a proposed treaty known as the 
convention against discrimination in education. What would this treaty accomplish? As summarized in 
a joint statement by Congressmen John Ashbrook, William Ayres, Donald C. Bruce, Edgar Hiestand 
and David Martin: 
UNESCO's proposed new treaty . . . would deliver the entire American 
educational system into UNESCO international control. It could close every 
private and parochial school in the United States. It would automatically remove 
education from under "domestic" law and control. It encompasses every phase 
and facet of American education.27 
Unless Americans wake up soon and do something to clear away this UN poison in the air, the treaty 
will be ratified and we will then learn the full meaning of Earl Browder's words when he declared: 
Who wins the youth, wins the future of America. 
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If you wish the sympathy of the broad masses, then you must tell them the crudest and most stupid 
Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf 
On January 21, 1962, the Communist Worker ran an article entitled "Birchers Take Warpath Against 
UN Peace Hopes." The following excerpts are taken from this article: 
The John Birch Society has instructed its members to prepare a hate campaign 
against the United Nations. In his secret "bulletin" for members, Robert Welch, 
fuehrer of the Birchites, orders his followers to place this anti-United Nations 
drive at the top of their 1962 political agenda. Steps on how to do his bidding are 
detailed by Welch and are, in fact, already being taken by ultra-rightists. . . . "The 
UN is a tool of the Reds," says the Birch Bulletin. "The only real function of the 
United Nations is to serve as an instrumentality of Communist global conquest," 
is how Robert Welch puts it. And this theme of the ultras runs through much of 
the Birch Society and similar extremist propaganda of late. Its obvious aim is to 
undermine the faith of the American people in the United Nations. . . . It was in 
the spring of last year that the ultra hate campaign to destroy the United Nations 
actually began. The origins of this insidious business can be traced to . . . a so-
called "United States Day Committee," the purpose of which was to replace 
United Nations Day with "United States Day." . . .1 
Throughout the following year, more and more people began to wake up to the terrible menace that 
our continued participation in the United Nations represented. As the volume of mail to Washington 
demanding withdrawal from the United Nations began to reach sizable proportions, those politicians 
who have long had no opposition to their internationalist policies became irate and alarmed. Perhaps 
the most outspoken among these was Senator Thomas Kuchel of California. In a much publicized 
speech before the Senate, Kuchel lashed out at what he called a hate campaign against the United 
Nations conducted by ultra-rightists, lunatics and extremists. Since many of his constituents had cited 
cases of United Nations atrocities in the Congo, Senator Kuchel called them fright peddlers. 
Gus Hall, present head of the U.S. Communist party was delighted with Senator Kuchel's speech. 
Writing in the Communist Worker of June 23, 1963, be said that the Republican party was in danger 
of being taken over by what he called "fanatical ultra-right-wingers." But he made a special point to 
single out Kuchel's speech as hopeful evidence that "moderates" within the Republican ranks