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for type 2 diabetes mellit�s�� N Engl J Med 2000��342�� �0�–�2��

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tion witho�t p�lmonary congestion�� post hoc s�bset analysis of the m�lticenter diltiazem
postinfarction trial and the second danish verapamil infarction trial st�dies�� Am J Cardiol

230�� DATASUS�� Morbidade Hospitalar do Sistema Único de Saúde�� http��//tabnet��datas�s��gov��
br/tabcgi��exe?sih/cnv/mi�f��def�� Acessado em �8 de novembro de 200���

23��� The CONSENSUS Trial St�dy Gro�p�� Effects of enalapril on mortality in severe congestive
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fail�re treated with enalapril�� V�HeFT III�� Circ�lation ���7�������8���–��3��

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J�� Gatlin M�� Eplerenone, a selective aldosterone blocker, in patients with left ventric�lar dys�
f�nction after myocardial infarction�� N Engl J