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Corrected :
 - Random Error making UXS crash. (Changing a part of MAIN <-> ENGINE communication system)
 - Changing color progressbar is now only green (Maybe a raison of random crash)
 - SSH finally will work (sorry for that)
 - Apostrophes in filename now works... (Thanks Marblemad)
Added :
 - ProgressBar when creating the XML File
Corrected :
 - Full Scrape don't neverend anymore.
 - SSH kill works now on scrape demande.
 - Date with only a 'Year' will work now (the date will be 'Year/01/01')
 - When adding Missing Rom, Name were "(Clone, Beta, Demo, ...)". It's OK now ;)
 - When you force JPG or PNG, Video stay in MP4. 
Modification :
 - New ProgressBar changing color (Green = OK, Red = Timeout or error download, Yellow = Not found) 
Added :
 - New, in case UXS Hang (it never happen ^^), when you re-launch a Scrape, it will ask you if you want to generate a gamelist.xml with the temporary file found.
 - New Shortcut was created at the first launch : 'Silent_UXS'. You can now run UXS silently ;)
 - New Visual info about Engine Use. Some check box corresponding to the Thread Number will tell you if the Engine is used or not.
 - 2 New Advanced Menu : Reset Autoconfiguration Path and Alt Autoconfiguration Path (only for Retropie, it put the Rom's Folder Path)
 - New Element Type : RomExcluded 
Exemple :
	<Element Type="RomExcluded">
		<AutoExcludeValue>(Track |[Bios]|(Bios)</AutoExcludeValue>
Mean :
	When a duplicate name file (without extension) is found:
	- it check the extension. If in list (bin|img|iso|ccd|sub) it won't scrape it
	- it check if the file contain a value ("(Track ","[Bios]","(Bios)"). If yes, it won't scrape it
* Corrected :
 - SSH command are ok now
 - Thread number are now kept
* Modification :
 - New ProgressBar with count on it
 - New Algo for estimated time
 - Renaming BigPicture to Bigshot (to match Eudora Theme)
* Corrected :
 - Problem with Fullscrape
 - Full Scrape result
 - Problem with multi scrape in one session
* Modification :
 - Menu reorganised
 - New Wizard
 - New Profil Handling (now there is only 2 Profils Recalbox & Retropie)
* Added :
 - New Tag Name [Country] (Clone, Beta, Demo, Proto, Trad, Hack, Unl, Alt, Best)
 - New option Menu (Where you can choose MIX or not, and lot's of stuff)
 - New option to scrape or not in zip file
 - New system logo on interface when plateform is selected
 - New Language added : English became English UK and English US to handle media from each country
* coming soon :
 - New Server
 - New API
 - New error handling
* WARNING The Profil have change, So if you have make your own Profil, it may be broke.
	Please re-use a standard profil to make your modification and save it with an other name.
	Don't modify the 2 standard Profil (Recalbox.xml and Retropie.xml)
* HELP WANTED : look for some translation about the new wizard.
	If you can help in German, Spanish, Dutch, Portugaise, Japanaise, Italian. You are welcome Then
	(Juste look in the LanguageFiles Folder. Open the XML. The stuff needing translation are at the end ;) )
* Corrected :
 - Problem on System Media Download
 - Cleaning some security issue
 - Changing TimeOut handler
* Added :
 - New Handling of scrape Engine (it will not hammer so much the server)
* Profil modification :
 - No more Retropie(Video) profil. Now you can choose to add video and marquee directly in the "Option Configuration Menu"
* Corrected :
 - Better stability on downloaded images (Some never download :S and miss in the MIX)
* Added :
 - Dynamique Handle to API server, now I can force the server to ask (for the futur when we have a fallback server ;) or country based server )
 - Lot's of new Picto media (Nb of player, Notes, Classification, Editor, Developer, Genre) -> Beta it can change soon.
 - Added 3 news MIX Template for Bigshot Theme with these new picto (1 is directly on local, the 2 other are on the repository, you can download them directly from UXS)
* WARNING Added things that can "broke" you existing MIX Template
 - You need to put the full Xpath to the Source_Value node (exemple : Game need to start by 'Data/jeu/' and System by 'Data/systeme [id="%IDSYSTEM%"]')
 - The CENTER/LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN function in Target_TopLeftX, Target_TopLeftY (and other) now take the "origin" point of the picture (default are TopLeft corner of the Picture)
 - You can now use Target_OriginPicX and Target_OriginPicY to fixe the origin point of the picture. So now to center a picture you need to put :
(The Origin point of the picture will be the center, and we center this origin point to the final picture)
* Corrected :
 - Some fallback in language xml
 - Fallback function (problem with standard mix not founding some picture)
* Added :
 - Possibity to "Fixe" a Size by media in Standard profil with : <Target_Image_Width> and <Target_Image_Height>
 - Running on 2 servers now : Mirror and main server
 - New MIX Possibilty : "Text" 
 - rotation GDI Function with <Target_Rotation> directly in the Element.
 - <source_Origin> can be put to "genre"
Don't forget to see the Wiki : https://github.com/Universal-Rom-Tools/Universal-XML-Scraper/wiki/%5BTUTO%5D-Making-a-MIX-Template
* Corrected :
 - Filename check is with extension now...
 - Neo-Geo scrape now return correct info.
* Added :
 - Some security on Target XML file selection.
* Corrected :
 - Time out on the new experimental function (Hash with SSH command directly on the PI)
 - Add a \ before space and ' when Hash from the PI
* Added :
 - 7za.exe instead of standard windows dll.
 - Experimental Option to Hash from the PI in General option.
 - New MIX Template in repository (thank you Brandoskey)
* Corrected :
 - SSH command will work now (I hope :S).
 - Some Translation refresh.
 - Some problem on country preference (when you choose a 2D Box for exemple)
* Added :
 - Japanese translation in beta (Thank you yorn.jp)
 - SSH Timeout
* Corrected :
 - SSH command will work now.
 - 2 New Retropie Profil with Video.
* Added :
 - 2 New Retropie Profil with Video.
 - Use of regionsListe.php API is OK now (Country will be translated in your language)
 - Use <regionshortname> for data and media country (so now if you rom is spanish, you will have spanish media for exemple).
 - New server and new website for www.screenscraper.fr
 - Lot's of new things (media for every country, new tools for admin,...)
 - Sorry for these last days pertubation.
 - The new website still in "test" so some pertubation can happen some time. We are debbuging as fast as we can.
 - Thank you all for your support.
* Corrected :
 - message "Hashing Please Wait..." where buggy :S I add the rom name and now it works well ;)
* Added :
 - Experimental Function to HASH only MD5 directly on the PI (Thank you giventofly)
	To use it, add this in the UXS-Config.ini :
	($vRootPathOnPI is the local path on the PI to the roms folders)
	This function is faster for big file, but slower for small file ;) take care.
* coming soon (Screenscraper V2):
 - using regionsListe.php API to get the countrylist.xml in all language
* Corrected :
 - New Option to scrape only by Filename (for all language this time :S )
 - Reorganize Hash Calculation on big file (Prio is MD5 all the time, SHA1 < 500Mo, CRC32 < 50Mo) MD5 is the fastest calculation.
* Added :
 - message "Hashing Please Wait..." when hashing big file (to not think UXS freeze

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