Clive Oxenden_ Christina Latham-Koenig_ Paul Seligson - American English File 2 Student Book 2(2013, Oxford University Press)
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Clive Oxenden_ Christina Latham-Koenig_ Paul Seligson - American English File 2 Student Book 2(2013, Oxford University Press)

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Christina Latham-Koenig 
Clive Oxenden 
Paul Seligson 
Christina Latham-Koenig 
Clive Oxenden 
Paul Seligson 
PaulSeligson and Clive Oxenden are the original co-authors of 
English File 1 and English File 2 
Grammar Vocabulary Pronunciation 
4 A where are you from? word arder in questions camman verb phrases, vowe l sounds, the 
spelling and numbers alphabet 
6 B Charlotte's choice simple present describing people: final-sI -es 
appearance and personality 
8 e Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Percy present continuous clothes, prepositions of place {al and l'Jrl 
10 PRACTICAL ENGLlSH Episode 1 Hotel problems 
12 A Right place, wrong persa n simple past: regular and irregular verbs vacations regular verbs: -ed endings 
14 B The story behind the photo past continuous prepositions of time and sentence stress 
place: at, in, on 
16 e One dark October evening time sequencers and connectors verb phrases word stress 
20 A Plans and dreams be going te (plans and predictions) airports sentence stress and fast 
22 B let's meet again present continuous (future verbs + prepositions e.g. sounding friendly 
arrangements) amvem 
24 e What's the word? defining relative clauses expressions for paraphrasing: pronuneiation in a 
like, for example, etc. dietionary 
26 PRACTICAl ENGlISH Episode 2 Restaurant problems 
28 A Parents and teenagers present perfect + yet, just, housework, make or do? Iyl and Id3f 
30 B Fashion and shopping present perfect or simp le past? (1) shopping e and eh 
32 e lost weekend something, anything, nothing, etc. adjeetives ending -ed and -ing 1d, /mi , and IN 
36 A No time for anything comparative adjectives and adverbs, time expressions: spend time, sentenee stress 
aS ... as etc. 
38 B Superlative cities superlatives (+ ever + present perfect) deseribing a town or ci t y word and sentenee 
40 e How much is too much? quantifiers, too, not enough health and the body IAl, fui, lal/, and Id 
42 PRACTICAl ENGlISH Episode 3 The wrong shoes 
44 A Are you a pessimist? will / won't (predictions) opposite verbs '11, won't 
46 B 1'11 never forget you will / won't (decisions, offers, verb + back word stress: 
promises) two-syllable verbs 
48 e The meaning of dreaming review of verb forms: present, past, adjeetives + prepositions the letters ow 
and future 
A Howto ... 
B Being happy 
e learn a language in a monthl 
uses of the infinitive 
uses of the gerund (verb + -ing) 
have to, don't have to, must, 
must not, can't 
58 PRACTICAL ENGLlSH Episode 4 At the pharmacy 
60 A I don't know what to dol should 
62 B If something can go wrong, ... if+ present , will + base form 
(first conditionat) 
64 e You must be mine possessive pronouns 
68 A What would you do? if + past, would + base form 
(second conditional) 
70 B I've been afraid of it for years present perfect + for and since 
72 e Born to sing present perfect or simple past? (2) 
74 PRACTICAL ENGLlSH Episode 5 Getting around 
76 A The mothers of invention 
78 B Could do better 
80 e Mr.lndecisive 
84 A Bad losers 
86 B Are you a morning person? 
88 e what a coincidence! 
used to 
expressing movement 
word order of phrasal verbs 
so, neither+ auxi liaries 
90 PRACTICAL ENGLlSH Episode 6 Time to go home 
92 A Strange but true! past perfect 
94 B Gossip is good for you reported speech 
96 e The American English questions without auxiliaries 
100 Communication 126 Grammar Bank 
111 Writing 150 Vocabulary Bank 
118 listening 
Vocabulary Pronunciation 
verbs + infinitive: try to, forget weak form of to , linking 
to, etc. 
verbs + gerund the letter i 
modifiers: a little (bit), real/y, etc. sentence stress 
get Id and lul, sentence stress 
confusing verbs linking 
adverbs of manner sentence rhythm 
animals word stress 
phobias and words related to fear sentence stress 
biographies word stress, b rl 
verbs: invent, discover, etc. IJI, -ed, sentence stress 
school subjects used to / didn't use to 
word bu ilding: naun formation diphthangs 
sparts, expressing movement sports 
phrasal verbs linking 
similarities sentence stress, /01 and 1& 
verb phrases contractions: had I hadn't 
sayor tel/? double consonants 
review review 
164 Irregular verbs 
166 Sound Bank 
G word order in questions 
V common verb phrases, spelling and numbers 
P vowel sounds, the alphabet 
What do 
you do? 
1 VOCABULARY & SPEAKING common verb phrases 
\u2022 Where you From? 
\u2022 Where you born? 
\u2022 Where do you 7 
\u2022 Do you in a house or an apartment? 
\u2022 Do you any brothers and sisters? 
\u2022 Do you any pets? 
\u2022 What do you ? 
\u2022 Where do you ___ 7 \u2022 What school / college do you ___ to? 
\u2022 Do you your job? \u2022 What year ___ you in? 
\u2022 Can you any other languages? Which? 
\u2022 Where did you English beFore? 
a Complete the quest ions with a verbo 
b 2 ))) Listen and repear the Free Time questions. 
Copy the ffixthm . 
p Sentence stress 
Remember that we usually stress the important words in a sentence 
(the ones that carry important inFormation) and say the other words 
less strongly, e.g., Where are you from? What do you do? 
\u2022 What kind of music do you to? 
\u2022 Do you ___ a musical instrument? Which? 
\u2022 What TV shows do you ? 
\u2022 Do you ___ any sports? Which anes? 
\u2022 What kinds of books or magazines do you ? 
\u2022 How aften do you ___ to t he movies? 
\u2022 What did you last weekend? 
e In pa irs, ask and answer the quest ions. Can 
you find at ¡east Ofie thing from each section 
that you have in comlTIoo? 
0 e /ive in the city. 
2 GRAMMAR ward arder in questians 
a Reorder che words to make questions. 
1 born where yOUf parenrs \Vere ? 
2 where from teacher our is ? 
3 name your ha\\' yau do spell ? 
4 did Jast you go night out ? 
b )lo- p.126 Grarnmar Bank lA. Lea rn more abo llr word 
arder in questions and practice it. 
e Stand up and ask differenr studenrs rhe firsr question 
until somebody says yeso Then ask rhe follow-up 
question. Conrinue wirh che other questions, asking 
different students. 
Do you drink a lot of caffee!] 0es, Ido. 
How many cups of caffee do you drink!l C;.:ve cups a day. 
I drink a lot of cofEee (or tea)? Haw many cups ... ? 
I go ro bed early duri ng rhe week? What time ... ? 
I spend a long t ime on Pacebook every day? Haw long .. ? 
/ have a big breakfast [Oday? W hat . ? 
I go somewhere nice on Satu rday? Where ... ? 
I see a good movie ¡ast week? W hat movie . .. ? ~~! 
a 7l») Listen and write six first na mes. 
b ,... Communication What's his name? Haw do yau 
spell jt? A p.IOO B p.103. 
e How do you say these numbers? 
13 30 76 100 150 375 600 1,500 2,000 10,500 
d S l}) Listen and write the numbers. 
1 Gare ___ _ 3 Tel:___ 5 $, __ _ 
2 ____ miles 4 Popular ion: ___ _ 
vawel saunds, the alphabet 
a 5l») Look at the sound picrures. What are the words 
and vowel sounds? Lisren and check. 
b > p.166 Sound Bank. Look at the typ ical spellings of 
these sou nds. 
e Add these ¡etters ro the cirdes. 
E G H J M a R w X y 
"~ 8 Z e 
K ~ cp V D 
5 N 
d 1 6l») Listen and check. Pracr ice 
saying the letters in each cirele. 
e Ask and answer w ith a partner. 
\u2022 Do you llsually get in rouch \Virh yOll r friends by 
phone, email , or Facebook? 
\u2022 Do yOll have an ¡Pod or MP3 player? What kind? 
\u2022 Do you often watch DVDs? What kind? 
\u2022 Doyol! warch ESPN, CNN, or MT V? 
\u2022 Do you have any friends from rhe US or the UK? 
e lnrerview your parrner and complere rhe formo 
Student information 
first name 
last name 
phone number 
Online Practice 
G simple present 
V describing people: appearance and personality 
P final-s / -es 
1 VOCABULARY describing people