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Diagnostic M. crob · ology 
Koneman’s	Color	Atlas	and	Textbook	of
Diagnostic	Microbiology
Koneman's Color Atlas and 
Textbook of Diagnostic Microbiology 
Gary W. Proeop, MD, MS 
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Otw¥,.;1. OfiNt 
Dei rdre L Church. MD. PhD. FRCPC, D(ABMMI 
Pwt{m41f of Anllology Cl-U.botwory Mb/;tjtWt~•td Mffllwtt 
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l'Algtlry. AfL~t:rtD, C'.anllt'l.a 
Geraldine S. Hall, PhD, D(ABMMI 
Rnira! Clinir.rJ Mi170b•M:1gi$r 
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Cill'l'tl.llltd, ()hil) 
William M. Janda, PhD. D(ABMMI 
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Umn-f,,ily r( lllinfli$DI Cllic:4~ CA'kg< (if Mr.liritlt' 
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ElmerW. Koneman. MD 
l'nJfd.UN EmmluJ 
L'mwrsiry fi/C~J" School of o\WJtlnrt 
"'"""~~· r oioow.~ct 
Paul C. Schreckenberger. PhD, D(ABMM) 
,of,;., of~ 
D'IM."'tM. ('hiUI'IIIo\~ 
AsMwt( Outctar. M~f4, Pr.t~· 
IAy(JU t •~mitT \kt:&Ml Cnw ,..,_,_ 
Gail L Woods. MD 
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1.11/J.t bd:. NLbtwJ 
Cil ~~te<S ~I Uppncott Wolliams & Wilons 
.......... -..."""'"-·-----·*"& ... ~ . ..,. 
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Library	of	Congress	Cataloging-in-Publication	Data
Names:	Procop,	Gary	W.,	author.
Title:	Koneman’s	color	atlas	and	textbook	of	diagnostic	microbiology	/	Gary
		W.	Procop,	Deirdre	L.	Church,	Geraldine	S.	Hall,	William	M.	Janda,	Elmer
		W.	Koneman,	Paul	C.	Schreckenberger,	Gail	L.	Woods.
Other	titles:	Color	atlas	and	textbook	of	diagnostic	microbiology
Description:	Seventh	edition.	|	Philadelphia	:	Wolters	Kluwer	Health,	[2017]
		|	Preceded	by	Koneman’s	color	atlas	and	textbook	of	diagnostic
		microbiology	/	Washington	C.	Winn	Jr.	…	[et	al.].	6th	ed.	c2006.	|
		Includes	bibliographical	references	and	index.
Identifiers:	LCCN	2016002803	|	ISBN	9781451116595	(hardback)	|	eISBN	9781469829401	|	VST	9781469836164
Subjects:	|	MESH:	Microbiological	Phenomena	|	Microbiological	Techniques	|
		Laboratory	Manuals
Classification:	LCC	QR67	|	NLM	QW	25	|	DDC	616.9/041—dc23	LC	record	available	at	http://lccn.loc.gov/2016002803
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comprehensiveness,	or	currency	of	the	content	of	this	work.
This	work	is	no	substitute	for	individual	patient	assessment	based	on	healthcare	professionals’	examination	of	each	patient	and	consideration
of,	among	other	things,	age,	weight,	gender,	current	or	prior	medical	conditions,	medication	history,	laboratory	data,	and	other	factors	unique	to
the	patient.	The	publisher	does	not	provide	medical	advice	or	guidance,	and	this	work	is	merely	a	reference	tool.	Healthcare	professionals,	and
not	the	publisher,	are	solely	responsible	for	the	use	of	this	work,	including	all	medical	judgments,	and	for	any	resulting	diagnosis	and	treatments.
Given	continuous,	rapid	advances	in	medical	science	and	health	information,	independent	professional	verification	of	medical	diagnoses,
indications,	appropriate	pharmaceutical	selections	and	dosages,	and	treatment	options	should	be	made,	and	healthcare	professionals	should
consult	a	variety	of	sources.	When	prescribing	medication,	healthcare	professionals	are	advised	to	consult	the	product	information	sheet	(the
manufacturer’s	package	insert)	accompanying	each	drug	to	verify,	among	other	things,	conditions	of	use,	warnings,	and	side	effects	and	to
identify	any	changes	in	dosage	schedule	or	contraindications,	particularly	if	the	medication	to	be	administered	is	new,	infrequently	used,	or	has
a	narrow	therapeutic	range.	To	the	maximum	extent	permitted	under	applicable	law,	no	responsibility	is	assumed	by	the	publisher	for	any	injury
and/or	damage	to	persons	or	property,	as	a	matter	of	products	liability,	negligence	law	or	otherwise,	or	from	any	reference	to	or	use	by	any
person	of	this	work.
In	Remembrance	of	Our	Former	Colleagues	and	Co-Authors
Wash	—We	particularly	remember	your	leadership	in	the	College	of	American	Pathology	and	as	the
editor-in-chief	of	the	sixth	edition	of	this	text.	You	are	sorely	missed.
Steve	—We	particularly	remember	your	leadership	on	the	American	Board	of	Pathology	and	in
Infectious	Disease	Pathology.	You	are	sorely	missed.
Gerri	—We	particularly	remember	you	as	the	consummate	educator,	whom	all	the	students	loved,	and
for	your	leadership	in	the	American	Society	for	Microbiology	and	other	national	organizations.	You,
too,	are	sorely	missed,	and	this	edition	of	this	text	would	not	have	been	possible	without	you	-	thanks.
Washington	C.	Winn	Jr,	MD,	MBA
Director,	Clinical	Microbiology	Laboratory
Fletcher	Allen	Health	Care
Professor	of	Pathology
University	of	Vermont	College	of	Medicine
Burlington,	Vermont
Stephen	D.	Allen,	MD
Professor	of	Pathology	and	Laboratory	Medicine,	Indiana	University	School	of	Medicine
Director,	Division	of	Clinical	Microbiology,	Clarian	Health—Methodist,	Indiana	University,	and	Riley
Chief,	Clinical	Microbiology	Laboratory,	Roudebush	Veterans	Affairs	Hospital
Pathologist,	Wishard	Memorial	Hospital
Indianapolis,	Indiana
Geraldine	S.	Hall,	PhD,	D(ABMM)
Section	Head,	Clinical	Microbiology
Cleveland	Clinic
Professor	of	Pathology
Cleveland	Clinic	Lerner	College	of	Medicine	of	Case	Western	Reserve	University
Cleveland,	Ohio
To	Tamera	and	London—the	best	wife	and	son	a	guy	could	have.	The	Best	of	the	Best!
Gary	W.	Procop,	MD
To	my	husband	Gord	and	family	for	all	their	support
Deirdre	L.	Church,	MD,	PhD
Thanks	for	the	support	of	my	husband
Geraldine	S.	Hall,	PhD
To	my	parents,	Robert	and	Geraldine,	my	brothers,	Robert	and	Martin,	and	to	Matthew,	my	life
William	M.	Janda,	PhD
In	recognition	of	the	ongoing	hard	work	and	dedication	of	microbiology	technologists
Elmer	W.	Koneman,	MD
I	thank	my	wife	Ann	for	her	immense	support	and	patience	during	the	prolonged	writing	phase	of	this
work	and	for	her	45-plus	years	of	steadfast	love	and	encouragement.	I	also	thank	my	son	Adam	for	his
creation	of	the	Web	ID	Program	used	for	identification	of	bacteria,	which	is	described	in	detail	in
Chapters	6	and	7	of	this	text.
Paul	C.	Schreckenberger,	PhD
In	loving	memory	of	my	father
Gail	L.	Woods,