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First {&quot;'l1t>lbhl.&quot;\1 19 38 a-, Veterinary O bsremcs hy F. Benesch
Second ed it ion 1951 a.. Vcrcnnarv Oh.tetric... hy F. I'\enex-:h and J. G. Wri~ht
Third edmon 1964 a'&quot;Wri~h t'~ Verennarv Ob-temcs by G. H. A rthur
Fourt h edinon 19i ; as Vercnnarv Reprod uct ion and Obsrctrtcs bvG. I I. A rthur
Fifth edmon 1982 a..Vercrinarv Repr oduct ion and O h. tetrics hy G. H. Arthur.
D. E.Nuak~ anJ H. Pear-on
Sixth edmon 1989 a.. Verennarv Reprod uction and Obstetrics hy G. I I. Arthur.
D. E. NO;lk~ and H. Pear-on
Repr inted 1992
Seventh edmon 1996 ,h Vercnnarv Reproducnon and O h. letr ic.<; t>y G. H. Arthur,
D. E. Noa kes. H . Pearson and T . J. Parkinson
Repnmed 1998. 1999
Eight h edmon 200 1 a&quot; A rthur's Vcrcnnarv Rep rod uc tion and O bsrctrtcs h~'
D. E. Noakes, T. J. Parkin-on and G. C. W. England
Reprinted Z003 {twice) . Z(\..1.+. ZOO;. 2007. 2C\.-18
ISBN, 978 0 7010 2\ \ 6 I
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treat men t. proc edures, equipment and th e usc of d rugs become necessary. The l'llihl r~/iIlll hor4
contributors and the pub lisher s have. as far as it is possible. taken care til ensu re th at th e
informat ion uive n in this tex t is accurate and up to dan - . Howe ver , readcrs are l<l lro ll/.:h· ad\&quot; i~l tu
con fir mth at the mtorrnanon, espcc tallv with regard to drug usage. complies with the lates t legtslanon
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Professor David E Noakes
Professor of Veterinary Obstetrics and 
Diseases of Reproduction
Royal Veterinary College
University of London
North Mymms
Dr Timothy J Parkinson
Associate Professor in Farm Animal Health
Institute of Veterinary, Animal 
and Biomedical Science
Massey University
Palmerson North
New Zealand
Dr Jonathan F Pycock
Director, Equine Reproductive Services
Messenger Farm
Mr Martin Sheldon
Senior Lecturer
Royal Veterinary College
University of London
North Mymms
Dr Keith C Smith
Veterinary Practitioner
Department of Animal Health and Husbandry
University of Bristol
Mr David Whittaker
Huntingdon Life Sciences
Dr Nazir Ahmad
Associate Professor of Animal Reproduction
Department of Animal Reproduction
University of Agriculture
Professor Marzook M Al-Eknah
Professor of Theriogenology
College of Veterinary Medicine and Animal
King Faisal University
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Mr William B Christie
Paragon ET
Tyne Green
Professor Gary C W England
Professor of Veterinary Reproduction
Royal Veterinary College
North Mymms
Dr Christianne E Glossop
Pig Veterinarian
Merton Farmhouse
Dr Susan E Long
Senior Lecturer
University of Bristol
Department of Clinical Veterinary Science
have provided welcome encouragement to me and
fellow authors to continue to update the book.
The need to make comprehensive reviews for
student use from the vast volume of new liter-
ature, particularly in the fields of reproductive
endocrinology, gonadal physiology and genetics,
is now a heavy task. In the context of stimulus to
further effort in authorship is the inspiration from
the work of prominent contributors to one\u2019s par-
ticular discipline.The period of my 60 year career
in clinical veterinary science has been notable for
the contemporary lives of outstanding workers in
my field, from whose publications I have benefited
substantially. It is a pleasure to record my deep
gratitude to the following gentlemen:- Professor
W. Williams (Cornell), F. Benesch (Vienna),
N. Lagerlof (Stockholm), J. G. Wright (London),
E. Amoroso (London), M.Vanderplassche (Gent)
and S. J. Roberts (Cornell).
I will close by expressing my warmest thanks to
all who have contributed to previous and present
editions of our book. My special thanks go to
Professor David Noakes, who has played a leading
role in his work for the last three editions.
It is extremely sad to refer to the death of
Professor Harold Pearson since the publication of
the seventh edition. He is still greatly missed by all
who knew him as a brilliant clinician and teacher.
Geoffrey H Arthur
It is with a sense of pride and fulfillment that I
respond to my fellow authors\u2019 to have the eighth
edition of \u201cVeterinary Reproduction and
Obstetrics\u201d entitled to me.
It was in 1962 that the late Professor J. G.Wright
invited me to take over his \u201cBenesh and Wright
Veterinary Obstetrics\u201d, 2nd edition. In agreeing to
his request, it was my intention to revise and
greatly enlarge his text for undergraduate students
of veterinary science in English-speaking countries
and for it to serve as a reference source for practis-
ing veterinary surgeons, as well as for scientists of
allied disciplines. These objectives have been fol-
lowed since my 1964 third, to the present eighth,
The original format of the book and the divi-
sional layout of its contents into appropriate sec-
tions and chapters have undergone progressive
development but the only major changes in subject
titles have been the addition of chapters on \u201cExotic
Species\u201d, \u201cSmall Mammals\u201d and \u201cEmbryo
Transfer\u201d, together with a vocational appendix of
the materials used in the diagnosis and treatment
of reproductive disorders.The advent of ultrasonic
imaging has become established as a most useful
addition to the veterinary surgeons\u2019 armoury; it 
is appropriately incorporated in the relevant
chapters of the last three editions.
The favourable literary reviews of our book and
its wide use overseas, together with translation into
French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese,
It is with great pleasure that we dedicate the 8th
edition of Veterinary Reproduction and Obstetrics
to Professor Geoffrey Arthur, initially the sole,
and subsequently senior author who successfully
husbanded five previous editions of the book from
\u2018conception to parturition\u2019. It is in recognition of
the outstanding contributions that he has made to
the subject over the last 50 years. He has influ-
enced, either directly or indirectly, the profes-
sional lives of all of the contributors. Although this
will have been primarily in his role as a dedicated
and stimulating clinical teacher, it is