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THE TRAVELERS June 30 2020 
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June 30 2020 
Edition inspired by 
contemporary young 
men and women 
l J
 THE TRAVELERS June 30 2020 
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Doesn’t matter if you don’t have 
a VISA, you can travel and work 
in other countries in exchange of 
accommodation and food . 
www.Worldpackers. Com 
Useful tips for 
traveling cheaper! 
Written by David Bolivar 
would you like to work in France 
in a farm with animals and 
organic vegetables? or maybe 
would you like to work teaching 
Spanish and help a family in 
Italy?. Then, you could do that 
with Worldpackers. 
Worldpackers is a collaborative 
platform that connects you with 
hosts around the world where 
you can travel exchanging your 
skills for accommodation. you 
can use Worldpackers during 
your vacation time, backpacking 
trip or even taking a gap year. 
This is an interesting activity 
because no matter if you don’t 
have a VISA which allows you to 
work because you won’t earn 
money, you will earn 
accommodation and food!. 
So with that platform you could 
work and live the culture in more 
than 170 countries around the 
Another similar platform is 
Workaway where a traveler 
exchange the possibility to stay, 
working just few ours. 
if you like saving money in 
your accommodation, one of 
the best options are hostels, 
these places usually provide a 
bed in a shared room in a 
very low price. 
in several of these places 
there is a shared kitchen 
where to cook you own food, 
there is also a big shared 
living room where you could 
eat next to others travelers 
and share your experiences of 
Couchsurfing is a service that 
connects members to a global 
community of travelers, you can 
use it to find a place to stay or 
share your room and hometown 
with travelers. Next is shown one 
example of this apps. 
Have in mind, every time that you stay in other countries you are also projecting an image of culture of your own country. Good manners will help 
you in all situations which you would be involved when traveling. 
Is it worth the pain 
travel to other 
Redacted by Juannaur 
Travel to other countries is 
more and more usual 
nowadays, thanks to 
globalization processes and 
its dynamics. there is a 
relative facility to take a 
plane and land in other 
continents, in countries 
with different languages, 
cultures and beliefs; even 
the current global 
articulation, have 
influenced to make easier 
have the opportunity to 
move and interact through 
many countries as if those 
were just one. 
The relevance of the 
experiences gathered in 
journeys around different 
countries is the fact that 
learning how to interact on 
different environments, out 
of those which an 
individual is used to. 
Allowing someone 
experience a personal 
growing with the 
development of social and 
employability skills. At the 
end of the day, figure it out 
how to handle those 
situations is exactly what 
changes life perspective. 
UK offer wonderful places for 
students of everywhere. 
Universities globally 
recognized, open its doors to 
those that expect have great 
Countries highly 
recommended by young 
“La France” the country of good 
cuisine, dream love, and one the 
most cosmopolitan countries. 
Offer a cultural immersion for 
those that like to appreciate arts 
and history. 
There’s an advantage traveling abroad?. 
As it was mentioned 
before, when someone 
travel, experience would 
become a journey in 
which consciously or 
not, a person develop 
skills useful for life. 
Here is impossible do not get the chance to speak 
about an element transversal in every journey, making 
people grow up by them insides. We are talking of 
Sociability, it isn’t always easy for everyone but is very 
useful in all life aspects, as Aristotle said “Man is by 
nature a social animal”. 
Travelers make friends as the first environment to feel 
comfortable in unknown places, and improving this skill 
is possible take advantage of that ability while working, 
while studying or just living the daily life. 
Communication turns relevant when someone tries to 
fit in new sceneries. In other words, a person who travel 
learn how to listen and speak smartly, being focused and 
analyzing several situations. This item is very appreciated 
in firms or companies that try to hire human talent with 
the best employability skills. 
A common feeling when people talk about traveling is 
Happiness, and it is considered an advantage because 
not only change the life appreciation, but also motivates 
people to accomplish goals. 
 THE TRAVELERS June 30 2020 
Page 4 
Tools to enjoy, and 
improve your experience in 
trips and travels. 
Before to start your journey, 
you should know that there are 
some situations related to 
travel that you would like to 
avoid in accordance with your 
fears. Common phobias are 
explained next. 
As it is known, travel is totally a 
new environment, new people 
and new places, so it is possible 
that you’ll realized that you 
have fear to open spaces, this is 
called Agoraphobia. 
 Along a journey you will be 
exposed to closed places, for 
example, on an airplane, in a 
train or ship, you could 
experience that you feel closed, 
that is called 
Claustrophobia, that is an 
anxiety disorder to closed 
spaces in which someone feel 
that don’t have an easy way to 
Another usual situation 
mainly in tropical countries or 
natural places, happens when 
you see rare and huge insects, 
as a frightening spiders or 
horrifying wasps, if you feel 
afraid of that kind of insects, 
maybe you have 
Entomophobia, basically an 
irrational fear a one group or 
several groups of insects. 
As a last mention, there is fear 
associated with seas and 
oceans, people with this kind 
of fear can’t stay on a ships, 
boats or aquatic vehicles. This 
condition is called 
Thalassophobia, and is and 
extreme fear to big water 
General symptoms caused by 
phobias are fast beating, 
sweating, dizziness, trembling, 
and breathless. These 
symptoms are expressed with 
different intensity by each 
individual, and would turn the 
journey into a real nightmare. 
Don’t get upset so soon, everything can 
be solved. There Are Treatments 
Against Phobias. 
Written by D. Bolivar & J. Navarrete. 
Journeys are a really good 
opportunity to be exposed to 
those kind of environments, 
and in this way overcome 
fears. For instance, being with 
friends experiencing moments 
to front face a fear little by 
little, you could create your 
own challenge against those 
remember that it is not a 
really dangerous environment, 
if you decide to overcome 
those fears it’s sure that you 
are going to achieve it. But if 
you feel those sensations so 
strong, it is better change the 
activity or go with some 
sessions with a professional, 
it’s sure it will help you. 
Thanks to new developments in 
technology, is possible have a 
map on your phone and 
organize your trips. Also is 
possible associate pictures with 
places to not forget the 
experiences. Some examples are 
“google maps”, “Avenza maps” 
or “qgis maps”. 
Even if you travel to places 
away from urban or rural zones 
without signal, like natural 
parks, deserts or high 
mountains, you can previously 
download the maps and locate 
places and see your own 
location in real time. Therefore 
there isn’t an excuse to don't 
keep a good record of journeys 
or find the best places to visit. 
Try to check previously on internet, places which you know won’t like to stay, in that way 
you will have a map of reference to keep your journey in the best mode.

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