(Oxford Textbooks in Psychiatry) Robert Trestman, Kenneth Appelbaum, Jeffrey Metzner - Oxford Textbook of Correctional Psychiatry-Oxford University Press (2015)
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(Oxford Textbooks in Psychiatry) Robert Trestman, Kenneth Appelbaum, Jeffrey Metzner - Oxford Textbook of Correctional Psychiatry-Oxford University Press (2015)

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Oxford Textbook of 
Oxford Textbook of 
Edited by 
Robert L. Trestman, Ph.D., M.D.
Professor of Medicine, Psychiatry, and Nursing
University of Connecticut Health Center
Kenneth L. Appelbaum, M.D.
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry
University of Massachusetts Medical School
Jeffrey L. Metzner, M.D.
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry
University of Colorado School of Medicine
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Oxford textbook of correctional psychiatry / edited by Robert L. Trestman, 
Kenneth L. Appelbaum, Jeffrey L. Metzner.
 p. ; cm.
Textbook of correctional psychiatry
Includes bibliographical references.
ISBN 978\u20130\u201319\u2013936057\u20134 (alk. paper)
I. Trestman, Robert L., editor. II. Appelbaum, Kenneth L., editor. III. Metzner, Jeffrey L., 
editor. IV. Title: Textbook of correctional psychiatry.
[DNLM: 1. Forensic Psychiatry\u2014methods. 2. Mental Health Services. 3. Prisoners\u2014
psychology. 4. Prisons. W 740]
The science of medicine is a rapidly changing field. As new research and clinical experience broaden our 
knowledge, changes in treatment and drug therapy occur. The author and publisher of this work have checked 
with sources believed to be reliable in their efforts to provide information that is accurate and complete, and 
in accordance with the standards accepted at the time of publication. However, in light of the possibility of 
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herein is in every respect accurate or complete. Readers are encouraged to confirm the information contained 
herein with other reliable sources, and are strongly advised to check the product information sheet provided 
by the pharmaceutical company for each drug they plan to administer.
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Printed in the United States of America
on acid-free paper
We dedicate this book to our wives, Bonnie, Cary, and Linda, 
and to our children. They have tried to keep our lives grounded 
and balanced. They have supported us in our professional careers 
even when our work pulled us away from family time. They have 
not hesitated to show us that despite our accomplishments there 
are many things we do not know and about which they continue 
to teach us. Best of all, they give us their unqualified love while 
accepting ours in return.
Foreword  xi
Acknowledgments  xiii
Contributors  xv
Introduction  xix
Context and perspective
 1 History of imprisonment  3
Bruce A. Arrigo and S. Lorén Trull
 2 Mental illness management in corrections  8
Charles L. Scott and Brian Falls
 3 Formative case law and litigation  13
Mohamedu F. Jones
 4 Human rights  18
Jamie Fellner
 5 From the inside out: offender perspectives  23
Brad Bogue and Robert L. Trestman
Organization, structure, and function 
of correctional institutions
 6 Jails and prisons  31
Joel Dvoskin and Melody C. Brown
 7 Working inside the walls  35
Bruce C. Gage
 8 Ethics in correctional mental health  41
Philip J. Candilis and Eric D. Huttenbach
 9 Communication in correctional psychiatry  46
Dean Aufderheide
 10 Funding of correctional health 
care and its implications  51
Robert L. Trestman
Patient management processes
 11 Mental health screening and 
brief assessments  57
Michael P. Maloney, Joel Dvoskin, and 
Jeffrey L. Metzner
 12 Interviewing in correctional settings  62
Li-Wen Lee
 13 Population management  67
Robert L. Trestman and Kenneth L. Appelbaum
 14 Disciplinary infractions and 
restricted housing  71
Mary Perrien and Maureen L. O\u2019Keefe
 15 Community re-entry preparation/
coordination  76
Henry A. Dlugacz
Common management issues
 16 Management of sleep complaints 
in correctional settings  85
Bernice S. Elger
 17 Detoxification or supervised withdrawal  90
Rebecca Lubelczyk
 18 Adjustment disorders  95
Graham D. Glancy and Stefan R. Treffers
 19 Transition of pharmacology from 
community to corrections  99
Robert L. Trestman
 20 Diagnostic review and revision  102
Sohrab Zahedi
 21 Diversion programs and alternatives 
to incarceration  107
Merrill Rotter and Virginia Barber-Rioja
 22 Levels of care  112
Jeffrey L. Metzner and Kenneth L. Appelbaum
 23 Evaluation of malingering in corrections  117
James L. Knoll, IV
 24 Intoxication and drugs in facilities  123
Jason D. Ourada and Kenneth L. Appelbaum
 25 Crisis assessment and management  131
Reena Kapoor
 26 Use of restraint and emergency medication  136
Gerard G. Gagné, Jr.
 27 Hospitalization  141
Michael A. Norko, Craig G. Burns, and 
Charles Dike
General pharmacology issues
 28 Formulary management/pharmacy 
and therapeutics committees  149
Robert H. Berger, Robyn J. Wahl, and M. Paul Chaplin
 29 Hypnotic agents and controlled substances  155
Ingrid Li, Arthur Brewer, and Rusty Reeves
 30 Medication administration and 
management: directly observed therapy  159
Catherine M. Knox
 31 Prescribed medication 
abuse: limitless creativity  165
Anthony C. Tamburello
Disorders and syndromes
 32 Diagnostic prevalence and comorbidity  173
Stuart D. M. Thomas
 33 Psychotic disorders  178
Johann Brink and Todd Tomita
 34 Mood disorders  184
Jayesh Kamath and Ajay Shah
 35 Anxiety disorders including post 
traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) 190
Catherine F. Lewis
 36 Personality disorders  195
Sundeep Virdi and Robert L. Trestman
 37 Attention deficit disorders  200
Kenneth L. Appelbaum and Kevin R. Murphy
 38 General medical disorders with 
psychiatric implications  205
Erik J. Garcia and Warren J. Ferguson
 39 Psychiatric aspects of pain 
management: psychiatric assessment 
and management of chronic pain 
in correctional settings  209
Robert L. Trestman
Psychotherapeutic options
 40 Applicability of the recovery 
model in corrections  217
Debra A. Pinals and Joel T. Andrade
 41 Individual psychotherapy  223
James L. Knoll, IV
 42 Group psychotherapy  229
Shama Chaiken and Brittany Brizendine
Suicide risk management
 43 Suicide risk management  237
Kerry C. Hughes and Jeffrey L. Metzner
Treatment of addictions
 44 Programming  247
Patrece Hairston and Ingrid A. Binswanger
 45 Dual diagnosis: interventions designed 
to address substance abuse, mental 
health, and criminal offending