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LUCIFER AND THE HIDDEN DEMONS A Practical Grimoire from The Order of Unveiled Faces

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and move into the
practice of magick, which is where the greatest truths are laid bare.
Do not abandon skepticism but put it aside for a while when
performing the magick detailed in this book.
There are over a hundred demons here, but at the head of all the ranks
is the shining light of Lucifer. When you sense the reality of Lucifer, you
may feel a shiver, or sense the cold, white light, or something that feels like
love, power, even destiny. You may sense strength and potential. I urge you
to do this as your progress through the book, without overt expectation or
demand. I urge you to do this now. Say the name of Lucifer out loud. You
should be alone, and be daring enough to summon. Contemplate the name of
Lucifer, caring not what or who Lucifer may be (for now, for this brief time),
and let yourself sense the shiver of his presence. Say his name. If you feel
nothing, know that this is only your first step on a long road. The feelings
will come to those who are able to work magick even if they do not come at
once. There is nothing else you need to do for now. No offerings, no thanks,
no protection. You have spoken his name and noted your reaction, which
may have been strong or non-existent. That is enough.
It is true that many reading this book will already have a connection to
Lucifer, or what they believe to be Lucifer. Others may never have cast even
a rudimentary spell. The challenge of this text is to present our offering of
magick in a way that makes it accessible to all readers. There is, we have
found, no way to do such a thing. Magick cannot be made accessible to all.
Magick is for those elected to work with its power.
Magick cannot be given to everybody because many minds are closed.
(Skepticism is not a closed mind, but a curious mind. Remain curious and
avoid being jaded.) Many people cannot move beyond fear or suspicion of
evil and deception. Some will assume that demons are here to trick us with
gifts and lead us to the Devil. Others will reject anything that doesn’t agree
with their previously sculptured opinions, rejecting what is said here out of
hand without further thought or experience. About this, nothing can be done
and nor should it be done.
We do not, therefore, set out to change opinions, to convince or to
make this work accessible to all. The magick is accessible to those who are
already open to the power of Lucifer and his demons. You will have some
sense (I would dare to postulate) of what your place is in this larger picture.
You should not accept anything I say on faith, but if you sense that there may
be power in my words, read what is said, practice the magick as it is
described and do not falter, quiver or tremble when the changes you seek
come to pass.
Is any of this background material of importance, or would it be better
to put all the bravado and declarations aside, heading into practical magick on
page one? I will not delay any longer but do not feel that any student of
magick, no matter how old, experienced or wet behind the ears, should
proceed into the operations of magick without some forethought. All that has
been said urges you to seek wisdom before results, and thus obtain results
more readily.
The Requirement
I would like to acknowledge that my esteemed publisher, Christopher Wood,
asked me to consider relaxing the tone of the opening chapter, and indeed the
entire book. I am delighted that he made a request rather than putting his
opinion forward as an editorial demand, and more so because he made this
request before we had signed a contract. He is a bold negotiator and one that I
respect. I politely declined to change a word. Christopher’s response to my
stance was one of laughter and glee. He said that readers would see that
behind my words there is a gentleman with a genuine wish to share
knowledge developed and cultivated over centuries (even though our Order
only took up the challenge in the middle of the last century.) Such a
delightful response, and one that I will treasure, though I would never claim
to be a gentleman. I hope the magick will be more important than my
I was convinced to write a paragraph on the first page, promoting the
potential and detail of the major powers in this book. I am told that without
such information, no reader would continue to read.
Christopher also questioned my use of the word ‘hidden’ in the title,
because it suggests the demons have been deliberately concealed by some
great and secret temple. I insist on the use of that word because the demons
are hidden from ordinary people and most people who work with magick. For
dabbling occultists, when you say ‘demon,’ they think of the seventy-two
demons of the Ars Goetia. Others work with demons from grimoires such as
Grimoire Verum, as described earlier.
Results can be obtained with such demons under certain circumstances,
but with Goetia especially, the level of interference and clouding from
egregores is high. (If you want to know the true names and origins of the
seventy-two demons of Goetia you need to study extensively, and you will
find that the popular internet listings are mostly based on Crowley’s wildly
inaccurate ramblings. More reading will be suggested at the end of the book
for those with an interest in obtaining the true names.)
Many of the demons described here appear in demon dictionaries and
encyclopedias, and many do not. In the source text that we use, there are
errors, with some names being mixed, blended, cut off and corrupted. Their
origins include languages as diverse as Hebrew, Arabic, Coptic, Chaldean,
and Greek. Much of our work has involved direct contact with the four
Demon Kings, who revealed the names and powers of the true demons to us,
over time and with caution. These names and powers will be shared with you.
What we determined and came to know as true, was confirmed by
academic research in recent years which almost entirely agrees with our
work. The primary sources, previously lost (or hidden) brought light and
confirmation to all that we have discovered. The details of this work will be
covered in brief.
These demons are hidden from the public, and the method of working
with them is largely unknown. Like many modern authors, I am pleased to
say that our workings, although based on certain offshoots of ceremonial
magick, do not require the ceremony. You will not be called upon to parade
in an ermine cloak, waving a flaming wand of hazel. What you will be called
upon to do is bring all of your focus into the magick of summoning.
There is some ease to be found with this magick and its practice. There
are no Hebrew words to learn and no grand ceremonies. You will not be
required to cast a circle, banish, cleanse or confess. You do not bind the
spirits in an agony of submission but call them to perform the duties they are
willing and destined to execute. When your desire is clear, the demons thrive
on your desire and their existence is glorified by giving you what you ask for.
All that I have said is true, but I will not mince words. This book is not
for the wholly uneducated, the ignorant, or fools unable to focus, concentrate
and keep their mind on a subject long enough to understand what is being
revealed. Put only the barest effort into learning this process, and you will not
succeed. Commit to working as hard as is required and the magick will
If the thought of such effort makes you shudder, settle down with your
phone and distract yourself with something less valuable. The level of
commitment and concentration required of you is utterly trivial compared to
the effort you put into ordinary activities, daily struggles, petty arguments,
and debates. I believe people put more effort into online disputes than they
put into their magickal practice. If you want to succeed, that has to change.
Find the space to know your mind.
Statistically speaking, it is likely that you have been poisoned by the
device-based culture that addicts you into flipping through online posts,
images, and other

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