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Daniel C Funk - Consumer Behaviour in Sport and Events_ Marketing Action (Sports Marketing)-Butterworth-Heinemann (2008)

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Consumer Behaviour in 
Sport and Events: 
Marketing Action 
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Behaviour in 
Sport and Events: 
Marketing Action 
 Daniel C. Funk
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Sport Marketing Series Preface vii
Acknowledgements ix
About the Author xi
Series Editor Information xiii
Introduction xv
Part 1 Provides the reader with an introduction to 
sport and event consumer behaviour followed 
by a comprehensive understanding of 
motivation, decision-making and a discussion
of sportmarketing activities 1
 Chapter 1: Introduction to Sport and Event Consumer 
Behaviour 3
 Chapter 2: Sport and Event Consumer Motivation 15
 Chapter 3: Consumer Decision-Making in sport 
and Events 29
 Chapter 4: Marketing Action for Sport and Events 57
 Part 2 Provides the reader with a comprehensive 
understanding of Awareness, Attraction, 
Attachment, and Allegiance with marketing 
strategies to promote sport consumption within 
each stage and concludes with a discussion of 
perceived constraints that modify or 
inhibit behaviour 85
 Chapter 5: Consumer Awareness of Sport and Events 87
Consumer behaviour in sport and events: Marking action
vi ● ● ●
 Chapter 6: Consumer Attraction to Sport and Events 109
 Chapter 7: Consumer Attachment to Sport and Events 137
 Chapter 8: Consumer Allegiance to Sport and Events 167
 Chapter 9: Constraints to Sport and Event 
Consumption 187
 Part 3 Provides an “ Event Management Checklist: A 
Functional Guide to Preparation and Success ” to 
help understand marketing actions related to the 
development, promotion and delivery of a 
sport event 201
 Chapter 10: Administrative Services 203
 Chapter 11: Facilities and Support Services 221
 Chapter 12: Special Events and Services 237
Index 243
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 Sport Marketing 
Series Preface 
 The Sport Marketing Series provides a superb range of texts for stu-
dents and practitioners covering all aspects of marketing within 
sports. Structured in three tiers the series addresses: 
● Sub-disciplines within sports marketing: for example, brand-
ing, marketing communications, consumer behaviour. 
● Sports and sporting properties to which marketing is applied: 
for example, the marketing of football, the marketing of motor 
sports, marketing of the Olympic Games. 
● Philosophy, methods and research in sports marketing: for 
example, research methods for sports marketing students, 
theoretical perspectives in sports marketing, undertaking suc-
cessful research in sports marketing. 
 International in scope, they provide essential resources for 
academics, students and managers alike. Written by renowned 
experts worldwide and supported by excellent case studies and 
pedagogic tools to accelerate learning, the texts available in the 
series provide: 
● a high quality, accessible and affordable portfolio of titles 
which match development needs through various stages; 
● cutting-edge research and important developments in key 
areas of importance; 
● a portfolio of both practical and stimulating texts in all areas 
of sport marketing. 
 The Sport Marketing Series is the first of its kind, and as such is rec-
ognised as being of consistent high quality and will quickly become 
the series of first choice for academics, students and managers. 
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ix ● ● ● 
 There are a number of people and institutions that I would like to 
acknowledge for their support and inspiration during the writing 
of Consumer Behaviour in Sport and Events: Marketing Action. This 
book represents the culmination of a seven-month journey around 
the world collecting examples and new experiences. Without the 
support and inspiration of many, this book would have been dif-
ficult to complete. 
 I would like to acknowledge my partner Marcela Corona for 
her support and encouragement. I would like to thank the team 
at Butterworth-Heinemann/Elsevier for assistance and help dur-
ing the development of the chapters and production process. 
I am grateful to Mark Pritchard at Central Washington University 
for his input in the development of this book and continued 
work on projects during my journey. Thanks mate! I appreciate 
the support from Griffith University for allowing me the oppor-
tunity to travel the world while writing this book. 
 During my journey, I would like to thank Makoto Nakazawa 
from Tskuba University for providing me a great start to this 
journey and a unique opportunity to experience many parts of 
Japan. Thanks to Kostas Alexandris at Aristotle University of 
Thessaloniki, Greece for the long coffee breaks and discussions 
on life, work and international affairs. I am grateful to Carl Cater 
and the Cater family for the experience of English countryside 
in Aldermaston. My thanks go out to my family and especially 
Jeff and Agnes for their hospitality in Darmstadt, Germany and 
later in San Marcos, California. I appreciate the support of Brock 
University in St. Catherines, Canada and Cheri Bradish. A special 
thanks to Laura Cousens for your hospitality, friendship and the 
use of the bike to ride to campus. I am grateful to Steve Sprinkle 
in Austin, Texas for your generous hospitality and week tour of 
Austin’s iconic destinations. Thanks for the memories. 
x ● ● ●
 I would like to thank Besty Barber and the faculty members at 
Temple University for their hospitality and opportunity to live 
in Philadelphia and be a part of the Temple family. I appreci-
ate the opportunity to visit my cousin Mary Jo for an enjoyable 
time skiing in the Colorado Mountains while working on this 
book. Special thanks to the Corona family