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How to Become a Flight Attendant - Revised Edition

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for airlines in the Middle East
a step 
Kara Grand
Welcome to the amazing world of 
The perfect candidate is an adventurous, passionate person, 
easily bored in a monotonous environment, willing to relocate 
to the Middle East and start working in the airline industry as 
a flight attendant (by far the most awesome job in the world!). 
In this book we will be discussing the expat cabin crew 
lifestyle, as these airlines present the most advantages for the 
employees, ranging from working hours and schedule, to paid 
uniform, accommodation and transport, bonuses and a 
cosmopolitan lifestyle. While the advice in this book can be 
used to succeed in any flight attendant interview, every airline 
has different general requirements for recruiting cabin crew. 
Here, you will learn about the interview process for Emirates, 
Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways. I am not advertising any of 
the companies and no one can say that one is better than the 
other. It is your decision to make who you wish to work for. 
All three airlines are excellent with their employees and 
customers and you will gain amazing experience working for 
either one of them.
I have been working in the airline industry for 7 years, as a 
cabin crew and purser. From my first flight, until the last 
moment, I could not believe that at the end of each amazing 
month of travel I will still get paid more than I could have 
made anywhere else.
I have seen 52 countries without counting the ones where we 
just arrived at the airport and departed 1 hour later.
I met the man who would become my husband on one of my 
I served and talked to princesses, sheiks, rock stars, F1 drivers, 
best-selling authors, a holder of Nobel Peace Prize and a blond 
socialite whose name I cannot divulge. It has been the most 
exciting period of my life. I embarked on a new and very 
different adventure when I decided to stop flying to raise my 
Before all of this, I was just like you: dreaming of maybe one 
day being a cabin crew, travel and experience the world with all 
that it has to offer. I struggled to understand how the 
interviews work and what makes some people successful and 
some unsuccessful. I was turned down by airlines and sent 
back home to get more customer service experience. I was 
frustrated and could not understand what were they looking 
for. One day I realized what was the secret and that’s when I 
got the job.
I know that so many of you are a perfect fit for this career and 
lifestyle. I want to help you reach your goals, so I created the 
website www.FlighAttendantCentral.com. What started on 
11-11-2011 as a small blog with a couple of articles, became an 
amazing community with talented people who were all aiming 
high and following their dream to work in the sky. 
This is how this book came to life. It is based on real answers, 
practical scenarios, exercises and what you really need to 
succeed. I covered every single possible aspect so you can be 
successful at the interview from your first try.
I’ve put my heart and soul into this book and I hope you enjoy 
I love hearing from my readers, whether it is to hear your 
success stories or answer your questions. 
You can always contact me at kara@flightattendantcentral.com
See you soon ‘up there’,
% % % % % % % % % % -Kara
How to use this book
This book is designed as a handbook. You will probably not 
read it all in one time, but rather go to the chapters that are of 
interest to you at a certain time. Read the Assessment Day 
chapter before your big day or go through the 101 Questions 
and Answers before your Final Interview.
There are links throughout the book to get you to the next 
step, regardless which airline you apply for. At the end of each 
chapter you can go back to the Table of CONTENTS.
Chapter 1 describes the life of a flight attendant, as well as the 
companies. At the end of the chapter is the very popular topic 
‘Your worries and questions answered’ that clarifies aspects such 
as tattoos, minimum and maximum age, marital status or 
swimming skills.
Chapter 2 will get you deep into the interview process. You will 
learn how to create your CV, how your application photos 
should look like, how to create an online application for each 
airline, what is an Open Day or an Assessment Day, and how 
should you prepare for them, what you should know about the 
group exercise (including 3 examples of exercises and how 
should you approach them), English tests ( 3 examples), math 
test, personality profile test and the final interview. Here you 
will also learn how to be confident during the interview and 
how long you have to wait to get an answer. The chapter ends 
with the paperwork you need to prepare to join the airline.
In Chapter 3 we will discuss what comes after the interview, 
how to handle the relocation, what to pack and what to expect 
once you get there. Also, you will know what kind of 
information you will learn during your training.
Print out chapters like ‘101 Questions and Answers for the Final 
Interview’ or ‘100 Missing Words English Test’. It will help you 
see the exercises better and write down your own answers. Or 
you can print it all and take it with you when you go for the 
interview. Let’s not waste any more time. Shall we start?
Copyright and Internet Resources Notice
This book is copyrighted with all rights reserved. It is illegal to 
copy, distribute or create derivative works from this book in 
whole or in part, or to contribute to the copying, distribution 
or creating of derivatives from this book. No part of this book 
may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted 
in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photo-
copying, recording or otherwise, without express written 
permission of the author.
I expect you to abide by these rules. I actively and regularly 
search the Internet for people who violate my copyrights.
When you purchased the book, you agreed that the 
information contained in this book is an expression of 
opinion . You are responsible for your own behavior, and none 
of this book is considered legal, medical or personal advice.
Throughout the book you will find links to Internet resources. 
When this book was released for publication, I made sure that 
all the links are accurate and point to resources available on 
the Internet and all the information was up to date. 
Sometimes these resources change, so you may not be able to 
reach the webpage I intended you to see. Let me know if that 
I will provide updated and corrected links and information in 
posts or pages at www.FlightAttendantCentral.com.
Welcome to the amazing world of 
Chapter 1 - What are you getting 
1.1 The life of a flight attendant
1.2 Your prospect employer
1.2.1 Emirates Airlines
1.2.2 Etihad Airways
1.2.3 Qatar Airways
1.3 Who is hiring
1.4 Your worries and questions answered
Chapter 2 - Let's get you the job
2.1 Before the assessment
2.1.1 Creating your CV
2.1.2 Application photos Passport photo Full length photo
2.1.3 Online application Emirates Airlines Etihad Airways Qatar Airways
2.2 The assessment
2.2.1 How to dress for your assessment day
2.2.2 How to be confident during the assessment 
2.2.3 Documents
2.2.4 Open Day
2.2.5 CV Submission Day
2.2.6 Assessment Day Introduction Reach test The group exercise Exercise 1 - Prioritization Exercise 2 - Customer service Exercise 3 - Team-building English test 100 Missing Words Test Reading and Understanding Test Essay writing Math test Personality profile test