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Teacher's . \..... 
\,..... Book \.._... 
'--- Christina Latham-Koenig 
\J Clive Oxenden 
'-"' Paul Seligson 
2 '--' OXFORD 
- -- ----
Christina Lath am-Koenig 
Clive Oxenden 
Paul Seligson 
with Ann a Lowy 
Gill Hamilton 
Lara Storton 
Kate Mellersh 
Paul Seligson and Clive Oxenden are t he original co-authors of 
English File 1 and English File 2 
Teacher's Book 
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4 Syllabus checklist 
s Introduction 
• What do High-beginning students need? 
• Study Link 
• Course components 
Student Book Files 1-12 
Back of the Student Book 
• For students 
Online Pract ice 
Pronunciat ion App 
• For teachers 
Teacher's Book 
Test and Assessment CD-ROMs 
Class audio COs 
12 Lesson plans 
1s8 Photocopiable activities 
Grammar activity answers 
Grammar activity mast ers 
Communicat ive activit y inst ruct ions 
Communicative activit y masters 
Vocabu lary activity inst ruct ions 
Vocabulary activit y masters 
Song activity instructions 
Song act ivity masters 
281 Workbook answer key 
Syllabus checklist 
4 A My name's Hannah, not Anna 
6 B All over the world 
8 C Open your books, please 
verb beG, subject pronouns: I, you, etc. 
verb be m and[] 
possessive adject ives: 
my, your, etc. 
- ------
10 PRACTICAL ENGLISH Episode 1 Arriving in London 
12 A A writer's room a I an, plurals; thrs I that I these I those 
14 B Stars and Stripes 
16 C After 300 feet, turn right 
20 A Things I love about the US 
22 B Work and play 
24 C Meeting online 
imperatives, let's 
simple present G and[] 
simple present m 
word order in questions 
26 PRACTICAL ENGLISH Episode 2 At a coffee shop 
28 A Is she his wife or his sister? Whose ... ?, possessive 's 
30 B What a life! prepositions of time