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Antibiotics Simplified - Gallagher _ Macdougall - 4th Edition

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Jason	C.	Gallagher,	PharmD,	FCCP,	FIDSA,	BCPS
Clinical	Professor
Temple	University	School	of	Pharmacy
Philadelphia,	Pennsylvania
Conan	MacDougall,	PharmD,	MAS,	BCPS
University	of	California,	San	Francisco	–	School	of	Pharmacy
San	Francisco,	California
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applicable	to	all	people;	likewise,	some	people	may	require	a	dose	or
experience	a	side	effect	that	is	not	described	herein.	Drugs	and	medical
devices	are	discussed	that	may	have	limited	availability	controlled	by	the
Food	and	Drug	Administration	(FDA)	for	use	only	in	a	research	study	or
clinical	trial.	Research,	clinical	practice,	and	government	regulations	often
change	the	accepted	standard	in	this	field.	When	consideration	is	being	given
to	use	of	any	drug	in	the	clinical	setting,	the	health	care	provider	or	reader	is
responsible	for	determining	FDA	status	of	the	drug,	reading	the	package
insert,	and	reviewing	prescribing	information	for	the	most	up-to-date
recommendations	on	dose,	precautions,	and	contraindications,	and
determining	the	appropriate	usage	for	the	product.	This	is	especially
important	in	the	case	of	drugs	that	are	new	or	seldom	used.
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Names:	Gallagher,	Jason	C.,	author.	|	MacDougall,	Conan,	author.
Title:	Antibiotics	simplified	/	Jason	C.	Gallagher,	Conan	MacDougall.
Description:	Fourth	edition.	|	Burlington,	MA	:	Jones	&	Bartlett	Learning,
[2017]	|	Includes	index.
Identifiers:	LCCN	2016029350	|	ISBN	9781284111293	(spiral	bound	:	alk.
Subjects:	|	MESH:	Anti-Bacterial	Agents	|	Handbooks
Classification:	LCC	RM267	|	NLM	QV	39	|	DDC	615/.7922—dc23
LC	record	available	at	https://lccn.loc.gov/2016029350
Printed	in	the	United	States	of	America
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New	to	the	Fourth	Edition
PART	1:	Considerations	with	Antibiotic	Therapy
Chapter	1:	The	Wonderful	World	of	Microbiology
Chapter	2:	General	Approach	to	Infectious	Diseases
Chapter	3:	Antibiotic	Pharmacokinetics
Chapter	4:	Antibiotic	Pharmacodynamics
Chapter	5:	Adverse	Consequences	of	Antibiotic	Use
Chapter	6:	Antibiotic	Resistance
PART	2:	Antibacterial	Drugs
Chapter	7:	Beta-Lactams
Natural	Penicillins
Antistaphylococcal	Penicillins
Antipseudomonal	Penicillins
Penicillin/Beta-Lactamase	Inhibitor	Combinations
First-Generation	Cephalosporins
Second-Generation	Cephalosporins
Third-Generation	Cephalosporins
Fourth-Generation	Cephalosporins
Anti-MRSA	Cephalosporins
Cephalosporin/Beta-Lactamase	Inhibitor	Combinations
Chapter	8:	Glycopeptides	and	Short-Acting
Chapter	9:	Long-Acting	Glycopeptides
Chapter	10:	Fluoroquinolones
Chapter	11:	Aminoglycosides
Chapter	12:	Tetracyclines	and	Glycylcyclines
Chapter	13:	Macrolides	and	Ketolides
Chapter	14:	Oxazolidinones
Chapter	15:	Nitroimidazoles
Chapter	16:	Nitrofurans	and	Fosfomycin
Chapter	17:	Streptogramins
Chapter	18:	Cyclic	Lipopeptides
Chapter	19:	Folate	Antagonists
Chapter	20:	Lincosamides
Chapter	21:	Polymyxins
Chapter	22:	Fidaxomicin
PART	3:	Antimycobacterial	Drugs
Chapter	23:	Antimycobacterial	Drugs
Chapter	24:	Rifamycins
Chapter	25:	Isoniazid
Chapter	26:	Pyrazinamide
Chapter	27:	Ethambutol
PART	4:	Antifungal	Drugs
Chapter	28:	Antifungal	Drugs
Chapter	29:	Polyenes
Chapter	30:	Antifungal	Antimetabolites
Chapter	31:	Azoles
Chapter	32:	Echinocandins
PART	5:	Antiviral	Drugs
Chapter	33:	Antiviral	Drugs
Chapter	34:	Anti-Herpes	Simplex	Virus	and	Varicella-
Zoster	Virus	Agents
Chapter	35:	Anti-cytomegalovirus	Agents
Chapter	36:	Neuraminidase	Inhibitors
Chapter	37:	Antiretroviral	Drugs
Nucleoside	and	Nucleotide	Reverse	Transcriptase	Inhibitors
Non-nucleoside	Reverse	Transcriptase	Inhibitors	(NNRTIs)
Protease	Inhibitors
Integrase	Inhibitors
Entry	and	Fusion	Inhibitors
Chapter	38:	Antiviral	Interferons
Chapter	39:	Direct-Acting	Anti-hepatitis	C	Agents
Chapter	40:	Ribavirin
Chapter	41:	Hepatitis	B	Nucleoside	Analogs
PART	6:	Antiparasitic	Drugs
Chapter	42:	Antiparasitic	Drugs
Chapter	43:	Quinolines
Chapter	44:	Atovaquone
Chapter	45:	Benzimidazoles
Chapter	46:	Pentamidine
Chapter	47:	Ivermectin
Appendix	1:	Selected	Normal	Human	Flora
Appendix	2:	Spectrum	of	Activity
Appendix	3:	Empiric	Regimens	for	Common	Infections
Our	thanks	go	to	those	who	helped	edit	all	four	editions	of	Antibiotics
Simplified,	and	to	our	wives,	who	put	up	with	us	and	took	care	of	our	kids
while	we	wrote	the	Fourth	Edition.
We	dedicate	this	text	to	the	pharmacy