The Civil Code Index
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The Civil Code Index

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2. Of the rights of the surviving conjunct and of the republic
CHAPTER V. Of the acceptance and repudiation of successions
 Section 1. Of acceptance
 Section 2. Of the renunciation of successions
 Section 3. Of the privilege of inventory, of its effects, and of the
obligations of the beneficiary heir
 Section 4. Of vacant successions
CHAPTER VI. Of division and restitution
 Section 1. Of the action for division and of its form
 Section 2. Of restitutions
 Section 3. Of payment of debts
 Section 4. Of the effects of distribution and of the warranty of the lots
 Section 5. Of annulment of distribution
CHAPTER I. General regulations
CHAPTER II. Of the capability of disposing or of receiving by donation
during life or by will
CHAPTER III. Of the disposable portion of goods, and of reduction
 Section 1. Of the disposable portion of goods
 Section 2. Of the reduction of donations and legacies
CHAPTER IV. Of donations during life
 Section 1. Of the form of donations during life
 Section 2. Of exceptions to the rule on the irrevocability of donations
during life
CHAPTER V. Of testamentary dispositions
 Section 1. Of general rules on the form of wills
 Section 2. Of particular rules touching the form of certain wills
 Section 3. Of appointment of heir, and of legacies in general
 Section 4. Of the general legacy
 Section 5. Of legacy by general title
 Section 6. Of particular legacies
 Section 7. Of testamentary executors
 Section 8. Of the revocation and of the lapse of wills
CHAPTER VI. Of dispositions permitted in favor of the grand-children of
the donor or testator, or of the children of their brothers and sisters
CHAPTER VII. Of distributions made by the father, mother, or other
ancestors, among their descendants
CHAPTER VIII. Of donations made by the marriage-contract to the
parties, and to children to he born of the marriage
CHAPTER IX. Of dispositions between married persons, either by
contract of marriage, or during marriage
CHAPTER I. Preliminary regulations
CHAPTER II. Of conditions essential to the Validity of agreements
 Section 1. Of consent
 Section 2. Of the capacity of the contracting parties
 Section 3. Of the object and matter of contracts
 Section 4. Of the cause
CHAPTER III. Of the effect of obligations
 Section 1. General regulations
 Section 2. Of the obligation of giving
 Section 3. Of the obligation to do or not to do
 Section 4. Of damages and interest resulting from the non-performance
of the obligation
 Section 5. Of the interpretation of agreements 
 Section 6. Of the effect of agreements as respects third persons
CHAPTER IV. Of the different species of obligations
 Section 1. Of conditional obligations
 1. Of conditions generally, and of their different kinds
 2. Of the suspensive condition
 3. Of the condition dissolutory
 Section 2. Of obligations for a term
 Section 3. Of alternative obligations
 Section 4. Of obligations joint and several
 1. Of creditors jointly and severally interested
 2. Of debtors jointly and severally interested
 Section 5. Of obligations divisible and indivisible
 1. Of the effects of the divisible obligation
 2. Of the effects of an indivisible obligation
 Section 6. Of obligations with penal clauses
CHAPTER 5. Of the extinction of obligations
 Section 1. Of payment
 1. Of payment in general
 2. Of payment with substitution
 3. Of the application of payments
 4. Of tenders of payment, and of deposit
 5. Of the cession of property
 Section 2. Of novation
 Section 3. Of the remission of a debt
 Section 4. Of compensation
 Section 5. Of confusion
 Section 6. Of the loss of the thing due
 Section 7. Of the action for nullity, or for rescission of agreements
CHAPTER 6. Of the proof of obligations and of that of payment
 Section 1. Of literal proof
 1. Of an authentic document
 2. Of an act under private signature
 3. Of tallies
 4. Of copies of documents
 5. Of acts of recognition and confirmation
 Section 2. Of testimonial proof
 Section 3. Of presumptions
 1. Of presumptions established by law
 2. Of presumptions which are not established by law
 Section 4. Of the acknowledgment of the party
 Section 5. Of oath
 1. Of the oath decisory
 2. Of the oath officially administered
CHAPTER I. Of quasi-contracts
CHAPTER II. Of crimes and quasi-crimes
CHAPTER I. General regulations
CHAPTER II. Of the law respecting community
Part 1. Of legal community
 Section 1. Of that which composes community actively and passively
 1. Of the active part of community
 2. Of the passive part of community, and of actions which result
therefrom against the community
 Section 2. Of the administration of the community, and of the effect of
the acts of either of the married parties relating to the conjugal union
 Section 3. Of the dissolution of community and of some of its
 Section 4. Of the acceptance of community, and of the renunciation
which may be made thereof, with the conditions relating thereto
 Section 5. Of the distribution of the community after acceptance
 1. Of the partition of the active
 2. Of the passive in the community, and of contribution to debts
 Section 6. Of the renunciation of community and of its effects
Regulation relative to legal community, when one of the married parties or
both of them have children of previous marriages
Part 2. Of conventional community, and of agreements which may modify
and even exclude legal community
 Section 1. Of community confined to property acquired
 Section 2. Of the clause which excludes from the community the
moveable property in whole or in part
 Section 3. Of the clause making moveable
 Section 4. Of the article of separation of debts
 Section 5. Of the power granted to the wife of resuming her
contribution free and unencumbered
 Section 6. Of conventional reversion (preciput)
 Section 7. Of the articles by which unequal portions in the community
are assigned to either of the married parties
 Section 8. Of community by general title
Regulations common to the eight preceding sections
 Section 9. Of agreements excluding community
 1. Of the clause implying that the parties marry without community
 2. Of the clause of separation of property
CHAPTER III. Of regulation of dowry
 Section 1. Of settlement of dowry
 Section 2. Of the rights of the husband over the property in dowry, and
of the inalienable nature of the funds of the dower
 Section 3. Of the restitution of dower
 Section 4. Of paraphernalia Particular regulation
CHAPTER I. Of the nature and form of sales
CHAPTER II. Who may buy or sell
CHAPTER III. Of things which may be sold
CHAPTER IV. Of the obligations of the seller
 Section 1. General regulations
 Section 2. Of delivery
 Section 3. Of warranty
 1. Of warranty in case of eviction
 2. Of warranty against defects in the thing sold
CHAPTER V. Of the obligations of the purchaser
CHAPTER VI. Of the nullity and rescinding of sales
 Section 1. Of the power of repurchase
 Section 2. Of annulling sales for cause of injury
CHAPTER VII. Of auctions
CHAPTER VIII. Of the transfer of credits and other incorporeal rights
CHAPTER I. General regulations
CHAPTER II. Of the hiring of things
 Section 1. Of the rules common