Fuzzy Evaluation of stream sample reability
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Fuzzy Evaluation of stream sample reability

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a new method to evaluate the sample reliability in a
mineral-processing plant. The sample reliability is assumed to be influ-
enced by the cutter geometry, speed, layout, and path, and its degree is
determined employing linguistic terms such as very reliable, reliable,
adequate, doubtful, and very doubtful. The fuzzy evaluation method is
applied to a simulated sampling situation. From the previous develop-
ment, fuzzy logic appears to be a strong tool for estimating the sample
reliability. This estimation is the basis for decision-making concerning
sampling strategy and data reconciliation. Fuzzy evaluation of sample
reliability permits the use of sampling knowledge dealing with correct-
ness requirements. However, the conventional crisp modeling does not
take advantage of it. Consequently, fuzzy logic improves the understand-
ing of the sampling process, which results in efficient control of the plant
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