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part v annotated literature compilation of pierre gy

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theory and practice.
Anatech \u201986. Noordwijkerhout, Pays-Bas 21\u201323 April
1986. The analytical and economic importance of correct-
ness in sampling. Trans. Of the International Symposium
on applications of analytical chemical techniques to
industrial process control, Noordwijkerhout, The Nether-
lands, April 1986. Anal. Chem. Acta. Special Issue, 190
(1986) 13\u201323. December 1st 1986. First Presentation in
the Netherlands.
1988\u2013He´te´roge´ne´ite´, Echantillonnage, Homoge´ne´isation
(Heterogeneity, Sampling, Homogenizing). Masson, Paris,
xiv+607 pp. (1988.) Complete textbook in French.
1988\u2013L\u2019Echantillonnage et l\u2019Informatique dans l\u2019Indus-
trie Minerale (Sampling and Data Processing in the Mining
and Metallurgical Industries, Mines et Carrieres, Les
Techniques, Special Issue, Vol. 70, Nov. 1988, pp. 120\u2013129.
1989\u2013Echantillonnage (Sampling) Second Edition.
Traite´ Analyse Chimique de l\u2019Encyclopedie des Techniques
de lTIngenieur, July 1989.
1990\u2013Sampling and Probabilities. Tutorial C2.5. L1,
European Conference on Analytical Chemistry, Euroana-
lysis VII, Vienna, Austria, August 26\u201331, 1990.
1990\u2013Sampling: The Foundation Block of Analysis.
Lecture C2.1. L2, European Conference on Analytical
Chemistry, Euroanalysis VII, Vienna, Austria, August 26\u2013
31, 1990. Organized by the Austrian Society for Analytical
Chemistry, ASAC, in the Austrian Chemical Society.
Mikrochim. Acta (Wien) 1991, II 457\u2013466. Springer Verlag,
P. Gy / Chemometrics and Intellige64
Wien. First Presentations in Austria.
1990\u2013Do not Forget the Sampling Theory! Tutorial.
Process Control and Quality, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 15\u201322
November 1990.
1992\u2013Sampling of Heterogeneous and Dynamic Material
Systems. Theories of Heterogeneity, Sampling and Homog-
enizing. Elsevier, Amsterdam, xxx+653 pp. 1992. Complete
textbook in English. Clandestine translations in Russian
and Japanese (the latter by JUSE: Japanese Union of
Scientists and Engineers).
1992\u2013A Lesson in Sampling (title given by the Organ-
izers!) Invited Lecture, South-African Coal Processing
Society, Johannesburg, August 1992, South African Mining
World, Vol. 11, No. 8, p. 6 (September 1992).
1994\u2013Sampling is a Potential Quality-Destroying Fac-
tor in the Analytical Laboratory. Invited Lecture. 9th
Hewlett-Packard Analytical Forum \u201994\u2013Managing Labora-
tory Productivity and Quality. January 26\u201327, 1994,
Egerkingen, Switzerland. Proceedings. First Presentations
in Switzerland.
1994\u2013Sampling or Gambling. Tutorial. 4th International
Symposium on Analytical Techniques for Industrial Process
Control, Mandelieu-La-Napoule, France, April 10\u201313,
1994. Published in Proceedings of ANATECH \u201994. Process
Control and Quality, 6 (1994) pp. 97\u2013102.
1994\u2013Sample Preparation Perspectives * Sampling:
Diving into the Unknown, LC-GC, Vol. 12 No 11,
pp. 808\u2013816 (November 1994).
1995\u2013Introduction to the Theory of Sampling. Hetero-
geneity of a population of un-correlated units. Trends in
Analytical Chemistry, 14, 2, pp. 67\u201376 (1995). Guest
Editorial bThe Forgotten BiasQ by Prof. Erno Pretsch,
Zurich Polytechnicum.
1996\u2013L\u2019e´chantillonnage des lots de matie`re en vue de
leur analyse. Masson, Paris, xvi+148 pp. 1996 Summarized
Textbook in French.
1997\u2013bEchantillonnageQ (Sampling). Chapitre P220 du
traite´ bAnalyse ChimiqueQ de l\u2019Encyclopedie des Techni-
ques de l\u2019Inge´nieur, Paris, 20 pp. (1997). Third Edition.
Preface by Etienne Roth.
1997\u2013How Sampling Biases can induce Decision Makers
to make wrong decisions, Financing Mining Ventures,
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 18\u201319 September
1997. Proceedings.
1997\u2013Mesure des Masses en Ecoulement par Echantil-
lonnage Proportionnel (measurement of masses of flowing
materials by Proportional Sampling), Mines et Carrieres\u2013
Les Techniques, pp. 92\u201398 Nov. 1997.
1998\u2013Optimising the Operational Strategy of a Mine-
Metallurgy or Quarry-Cement Works Complex. 100th
Meeting of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy,
Montreal, QC, Canada, 3\u20137 May 1998. Canadian Metal-
lurgical Quarterly, Vol. 38, No. 3, 175\u2013180, 1998.
1998\u2013Sampling for Analytical Purposes. Translation of
[9 (1996)] by A. Royle., John Wiley, Chichester (April
1998), 150 pp. Second edition, June 1999. Summarized
boratory Systems 74 (2004) 61\u201370
Textbook in English.
HIT, Porsgrunn, Norway, 11\u201313 August 1999. Proceedings,
Ralph Klein & Robert Wellek. John Wiley & Sons, New
nt La
York, 1989 (Chapter 2: pp. 51\u201399).
1995\u2013Sampling: Are we interested in it at all? in
bQuality Assurance and TQM for Analytical LaboratoriesQ
published by The Royal Society of Chemistry (1995) edited
by M. Parkany, pp. 142\u2013147.
5. Lectures without published text, courses and short
courses by the author
1957\u2013A new theory of ore sampling. American Institute
of Mining Engineers (AIME), yearly meeting, New Orleans,
Louisiana, USA, February 1957. First presentation in the
1958\u2013Coal Sampling. Invited Lecture, Mining and
Metallurgical Institute of Japan, Tokyo, Japan (April
1958). First presentation in Japan.
1959\u2013Comment aborder un probleme de concentration
de minerai (how to approach a mineral processing problem).
Invited Lecture, University of Tehran, Iran, November 1959.
pp. 255\u2013265.
1999\u2013Theory of Sampling for Particulate Materials.
Invited Guest Lecture: 6th Scandinavian Symposium on
Chemometrics (SSC6) HIT, Porsgrunn, Norway, August
15\u201319, 1999. Proceedings to be published in 2000.
4. Participation in Collective Books
1958\u2013Les Minerais Pauvres-Expose des methodes de
recherche americaines (low grade ores\u2014a report on the
American approach to research) published by Organisation
Europeenne de Cooperation Economique (OEEC Project
228), February 1958.
1979\u2013Sample Preparation. Chapter 3 in bComputer
Methods for the \u201980s in the Mineral IndustriesQ, 1979, pp.
163\u2013169). Alfred Weiss, Editor. Society of Mining Engi-
neers of AIME, Publishers.
1989\u2013Preparation of Homogeneous Coal Samples: in
Sample Selection, Aging and Reactivity of Coal. Edited by
1998\u2013L\u2019Echantillonnage et l\u2019Analyse (with Denis Thi-
rouin). Spectra Analyse, n8 203, Aout\u2013Sept. 1998, 21\u201325.
1998\u2013Optimisation de la Strategie dTExploitation d\u2019un
ensemble Mine-Metallurgie ou Carriere(s)\u2013Cimenterie
(Optimising the Operational Strategy of a Mine-Metallurgy
or Quarry-Cement Works Complex). Mines et Carrieres\u2013Les
Techniques, Sept. 1998, pp. 118\u2013124.
1998\u2013Optimizing the operational strategy of a mine-
metallurgy or quarry-cement works complex. Explor. Min-
ing Geol., Vol. 7, Nos. 1 & 2, pp. 175\u2013180, 1998.
1999\u2013Sampling for Particulate Processes\u2014Qualitative
Approach. Review Lecture No3, International Symposium
on Reliable Flow of Particulate Solids III (Relpowflow III)
P. Gy / Chemometrics and Intellige
First presentation in Iran.
1959\u2013Le role de la concentration des minerais: ses
relations avec les industries productrices et consommatrices
(The role of mineral processing: its relationships with the
producers and consumers of mineral commodities). Second
Invited Lecture at the University of Tehran, Iran (November
1962\u2013A series of Lectures on the theory of sampling.
Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Paris. Course on
Mineral Processing, June 1962.
1963\u2013Echantillonnage et Analyse. Invited lecture, Jour-
nees de l\u2019Analyse 1963, CETAMA, French TCommissariat
a` l\u2019Energie Atomique r CEA, Saclay, France, 9 Mai 1963.
1964\u2013Theory of Bulk Sampling. Invited Lecture, Colum-
bia University. New York (30 April 1964).
1964\u2013Le principe d\u2019e´quiprobabilite´ (The equal Proba-
bility principle), An. Mines, Dec 1964, pp. 779\u2013794.
1965\u2013The sampling of Indian Copper Ores. Invited
Lecture, Indian Ministry of Mines, New Delhi, June 1965.
First Presentation in India.
1967\u2013L\u2019Echantillonnage (Sampling): Invited lecture,
Bureau de Recherches Geologiques et Minieres, Orleans-
la-Source, 28 February 1967.
1967\u2013Comment echantillonner les matieres radioactives
(how to sample radio-active materials) , lecture organized by
Commissariat a` l\u2019Energie Atomique (CEA),