part v annotated literature compilation of pierre gy
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part v annotated literature compilation of pierre gy

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Pentti Minkkinen. Section dedicated to the author\u2019s sam-
pling theory. Kim Esbensen and Pierre Gy members of the
jury. September 1998. 294 pp.
1999\u2013Marco Antonio Alfaro: Presentacion de
bSampling for Analytical PurposesQ by Pierre Gy. Infor-
mativo. Revista del Instituto de Ingenieros de Minas de
Chile, Santiago, No. 113, Marzo 1999, pp. 21\u201323.
7. Awards
1958\u2013Medal awarded by The Mining and Metallurgical
Institute of Japan, Tokyo, Japan, April 1958.
1963\u2013First Gold Medal awarded by Societe de l\u2019Indus-
trie Minerale, St. Etienne, France. June 1963.
1976\u2013Second Gold Medal awarded by Societe de
l\u2019Industrie Minerale, Annual Meeting, Caen, 12\u201314 May
1996\u2013Lavoisier Medal and Special prize awarded by
Societe Francaise de Chimie, Paris, France, 30 January
P. Gy / Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems 74 (2004) 61\u20137070
	Part V: Annotated literature compilation of Pierre Gy
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