Coleta de Monólito de solo
Produced by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) in cooperation with the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia Financed by the Austrian Development Cooperation / appear special thanks to: Martin Gerzabek, Rector BOKU Institue of Soil Research: Sophie Zechmeister-Boltenstern Katharina Keiblinger Sonja Leitner Universidad Politecninca de Valencia: Luis Molina Amparo Soriano Bundesamt für Wasserwirtschaft Peter Strauss Andreas Scheidl Johann Dorner Wopfinger Transportbeton GmbH Lasselsberger GmbH production team: Wolfgang Leitl, Wolfgang Hackl, Verena Pflug, Axel Mentler, Luis Molina contact: General Information: DEPARTIR is the UNA's program for integral participatory rural development founded in 2006, based on the cooperation between UNA and various rural communities throughout Nicaragua: Students as well as professors from UNA work together with small and medium-sized producers, establishing participatory community diagnostics. Through this integrative work, needs and expectations of the producers are identified, while at the same time students get the possibility to train their methodological skills and learn to understand the farmers' realities. Since 2011, DEPARTIR is a project funded by appear/Austrian Development Cooperation, joined by BOKU Vienna and Casa de los Tres Mundos Granada as Partner Institutions. more information: (spanish)

Disciplina: Ciência do Solo