It is important with infraorbital injections to be able to identify the landmarks. The infraorbital notch, ridge, depression and foreman can be palpated digitally. The areas anesthetized are the pulps of the maxillary central incisors through the canine of the injected side, the pulps of the maxillary premolars and the mesial buccal root of the first molar in about 72% of the cases, the buccal periodontium and the bone of these same teeth. Have the patient look straight up, make an imaginary line down from the pupil and intersect that line with the inferior border of the orbital ridge. Retract the lip and insert the needle at the height of the mucobuccal fold until osseous is gently contacted. The needle should be held parallel to the long axis of the tooth. Pressure anesthesia is required for one to two minutes after.

Disciplina: Anestesiologia