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Who is your little friend? Um, this is Ben is old Joe. That the ground here for a long time, And I do mean a long damn been here. Took care of my daddy and my dad. Is Daddy tiddly up and killed over one day? We've been took care of me growing up the son of a of a huge plantation owner in Mississippi puts a white man in contact with the whole lot black faces. I spent my whole life here right here and can't land surrounded black faces, seeing them every day, day in, day out. I only had one question. Why don't they kill us right out there on that porch three times a week for 50 years? Oh, been here would shave my daddy with a straight razor. Now, if I was old being, I would have cut my daddy's goddamn throat. And it wouldn't have taken me no 50 years of doing neither. But he never did. When, uh, I see science of phrenology. It is crucial to understanding the separation about two species in the skull of the African Here. The area associated with submissiveness is larger than any human or any other subhuman species on planet Earth. If you examine this peace of skull here Motus three, it's distinct dimples Here, here and here. No. If I was holding the skull of ah of an ASIC, Newton or Galileo, these three dimples would be found in the area. The skull most associated with creativity. There's the skull of old band and in the skull of old Ban unburdened by genes, these three dimples exists in the area of the skull most associated with civility. Bright bore. I will admit you are pretty clever. But if I took this hammer here and I bashed in your school, you would have the same three dimples in the same place his old being.