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I'm Dr Carolyn Nowak, a physician of the Vein Treatment Clinic, an affiliate of the medical group. Today I'm going to answer the question. Can venous insufficiency I'll start by describing venous insufficiency, including explaining what causes venous insufficiency. What are the symptoms and briefly explaining some of the treatment. If you've received a diagnosis venous insufficiency, you aren't alone. It's an incredibly common condition, with almost half of men and women developing vein disease by the time they reach retirement age. Despite being common, however, venous insufficiency is incredibly under diagnosed in many people failed. Recognize when someone who's suffering from this condition so you can imagine veins in the legs have a difficult job because they have to fight against gravity to keep blood moving up in the right direction. Veins do this using valves, which are one way door scattered along the length of the vein. Blood flows past about then the doubts shots, preventing the blood from flowing back down to the feet. The problem is that over time, valve stopped working. They become flimsy and swing open in both directions, allowing blood to leak back down towards the feet. When this occurs, veins lower down in the leg, swollen and engorged with blood and the bulge and stretch. The resulting pressure leads the formation of spider and varicose stains on healthy veins that are visible on the surface of the skin fighter, and their questions may be painful due to pressure on the surrounding nerves. In addition, venous insufficiency cost subtle symptoms of increasing like discomfort. Over time, you may notice in 80 heaviness in your legs that is worse at the end of the day or in the heat when veins remorseful, elevating the legs are wearing compression. Stockings can help with this discomfort. Some people have cramping or restlessness or just profound leg fatigue. So can venous insufficiency be cared? The leaky vows that cause venous insufficiency cannot be repaired or replaced, but with modern technology, way air able to eliminate on healthy gains, this resulted in improving in your circulation and relieve the symptoms of venous insufficiency. Of course, diagnosing venous insufficiency deciding the best treatment option for any individual patient should only be done by an experience pain doctor. You can learn more about our team board, certify suggestions. Www dot pain treatment. Our education and training standards are rigorous way strongly emphasized delivering compassionate care that is tailored to the individual patient. I welcome you with my own clinic in Paramus, or you can see our doctors in New York City or San Diego with new locations coming. I'm Dr Carolyn Nowak.