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When the system creates an order proposal, it checks to see whether the receipt is to be made via in-house production or external procurement. This is defined per material by the procurement type and if necessary the special procurement type. 
The procurement type is preset by the material type in Customizing for the Material Master.
You use the special procurement type to define 'in-house production' or 'external procurement' in more detail.
Using the creation indicator for purchase requisitions you can control whether the systems creates purchase requisitions immediately or creates planned orders first. You enter the creation indicator for purchase requisitions in the initial screen of the planning run. 
Schedule lines can be created directly via requirements planning, provided that there is a scheduling agreement for a material and an entry in the source list which is relevant to MRP. This is controlled by the creation indicator for schedule lines which you set in the initial screen of the planning run.
Purchase requisitions with a source of supply assigned to them can be converted automatically into purchase orders.
For purchase requisitions without a source of supply assigned to them you can use an optimization function in Purchasing: From a list of open purchase requisitions, you can have sources of supply assigned automatically to all selected purchase requisition items. If a requested material has more than one source of supply, you can choose from the possible sources of supply in a dialog box. After the assignment has taken place, you can instruct the system to convert your purchase requisitions into purchase orders. 
A source of supply can be a supplier or an outline agreement.
You maintain the sources of supply by means of the source list or the quota arrangement.
Using the source list, you define the preferred or allowed sources of supply for a material. Using the quota arrangement, you define which percentage of the occurring requirements is procured from which sources of supply.
Source list records and quota arrangement records are used in source determination. Source determination results in the automatic assignment of a source of supply to a purchase requisition item.
If a material is obtained from various sources of supply, the individual sources of supply can be provided with a quota arrangement. The quota arrangement applies to a certain period and specifies how the receipts should be distributed amongst each source of supply.
A quota arrangement applies to a certain period. A quota arrangement item is created within the period for every source of supply. Only continuous validity periods can be defined for a material.
A quota arrangement may include external procurement or in-house production, as well as various special procurement types.
In order to apply a quota arrangement to a material, you need to set the key for quota arrangement usage in the material master record.
The key for quota arrangement usage in the material master record controls
That a quota arrangement can be applied to a material,
In which business application areas the quota arrangement is used and the quantity the arrangement is applied to is updated.
The key for quota arrangement usage is defined in Customizing.
The source list is a list of allowed, preferred, and/or blocked sources of supply for a material in a plant, indicating the periods during which procurement from such sources is possible. Every source of supply is defined by a source list record in the source list.
The MRP indicator in the source list controls how the source of supply defined in the source list record is taken into account during requirements planning.
If in the source list only one source of supply is defined for a material in a plant and within a validity period, and it has the MRP indicator 1, the system will automatically assign this source of supply during the creation of a purchase requisition. If you enter several sources of supply in the source list, the performance of automatic source assignment on the basis of the source list is not possible anymore.
The automatic creation of schedule lines is a special advantage when working with scheduling agreements.
If certain prerequisites are provided, schedule lines can be created automatically by MRP:
The scheduling agreement has to be the unique source of supply,
In the source list, automatic schedule lines need to be allowed (MRP indicator 2),
In MRP, automatic schedule lines need to be allowed.
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