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English task

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Within Communicative approach, there are four language systems: grammar, vocabulary,phonology and discourse. For readers that are unfamiliar with these words, they can find below the description of these systems:
 * Grammar : it is the structure and system of a language,or of languages in general, usually considered to consist of syntax and morphology.
* Vocabulary is all the words contained in a language.
* Phonologyis the study of the patterns of sounds in a language and across languages. 
* Discourse is the use of spoken or written language in a social context.Curiously, system and skills of language exist in the same amount: four.The four skills of language are a set of four capabilities that allow an individual to comprehend andproduce spoken language for proper and effective interpersonal communication: Listening,Speaking, Reading, and Writing. These skills are related to each other in two ways: the direction of communication [in (thereception) and out (the production)] and the method of communication (spoken or written) The order we learn these skills is the same pattern stated above (listening, speaking, reading andwriting). In the context of first-language acquisition, the four skills are most often acquired in the order of 
about how to use the language appropriately in communicative situations. The aim should be teaching the language in a way as it is used in the real world to enable the students use the foreign language in practical context. As a sugestion we should adopt listening first, then speaking, then possibly reading and writing.
The goal of communicative language teaching is to develop students communicative competence, which includes both the knowledge about the language and the knowledge integrated language teaching to decrease the gap between teaching the language skills in isolation and real life In the real life we simultaneously use more than one language skills for communication. Integration of the four skills emphasizes the focus on realistic language and can help to develop communicative competence amongst the learners of English. The integration helps a teacher add up more variety into the lesson because the range of activities will be wider. Successful integrative approach helps to make the lessons dynamic, involve the learners in diverse activities and interactions. This makes students actively participates in class activities. A vivid and effective communicative class is supposed to be involving the integration of the four language skills, in which the teacher needs to establish a positive atmosphere, plan appropriate activities, encourage learners and deal with problems sensitively.