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Embriologia Aplicada à Medicina Veterinária é uma disciplina que estuda o desenvolvimento embrionário dos animais domésticos e silvestres. Durante as aulas, os alunos aprendem sobre a formação dos tecidos e órgãos, a diferenciação celular, a implantação do embrião e a formação da placenta. O conhecimento em Embriologia é fundamental para médicos veterinários, que precisam entender o desenvolvimento dos animais desde a fase embrionária até a fase adulta, para diagnosticar e tratar possíveis anomalias ou doenças congênitas. Além disso, a disciplina é importante para a reprodução animal, auxiliando na inseminação artificial e na transferência de embriões.

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  • Candling of chicken eggs on 7th day Eggs hatching part 3 Hindi Urduvideo play button

    If you are new to poultry, you may think that candling eggs is no more than a 4-H science experiment. Or, maybe you have never heard of candling before. To a poultry operation candling eggs at regular intervals lets you monitor the development of the embryo and can save you a few surprises down the road.Candling eggs is not complicated. It takes a few supplies and only a few minutes. You need a dark room, a bright light, and the egg you intend to candle. The light we recommend is the ordinary cheap led light enclosed in a bottle. This tool limits the time spent handling the egg, which reduces the chance of dropping or accidentally cracking its delicate shell. The simple design creates a tight seal against the base of the egg, decreasing the amount of light that escapes and gives you the best view of the inside of the egg.

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  • Egg candling from Day 1 to 21 Day|| Egg hatchingvideo play button

    Hi friendshere in this video , I showded you my own made incubator hatched resultincubator chickeneggcandlinghomemadechicken Egg to chiicks membrane chick hatching from eggMiracle born baby from egg My queriesegg candling 1 to 21 daychicken egg candlinghome made incubatorFeedback,,,,,,....____________to get 100, result follow the following instructions Rotate eggs twice a day most... keep incubator at single place do not move it .. never use market eggs always keep one thermostat extra it may help when current thermostat shell damege always use egg only having weight 40 grms puls Thanks. for. watchinglike comment subscribe please. ......

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    Best way to check an egg is fertile or not fertile. to know this process please watch till the end. if you like this video to please share this video and please subscribe my channel ADVUTURE1. INCUBATOR MAKING PROCESS VIDEO - httpsyoutu.bekTdCPvVei30 2. EGG CANDLING VIDEO- httpsyoutu.beUS8mZ80OcfE3. MY ROOFTOP GARDEN VIDEO- httpsyoutu.beqaZp7p-ma7cadvuture chicken incubator duckhatching eggcandling fertile

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  • Embryo Development ( )video play button

    Embryonic development also embryogenesis is the process by which the embryo forms and develops. In mammals, the term refers chiefly to early stages of prenatal development, whereas the terms fetus and fetal development describe later stages.neerajsahani

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    This video is the first in the "How to make your own hybrid chicken breed" Series.In this video you can follow along with us as we create our very own hybrid breed of chicken deemed (The Onyx Fire Breed), A cross sized hybrid chicken between Bantam and Heritage sizes.So grab your favorite 2 breeds and let's have some fun as we create a very unique breed TOGETHER!Click here to see part 2httpswww.youtube.comwatch?vId4gMVEX-ywt6sClick here to see part 3httpswww.youtube.comwatch?vLVBubD0VFZQt51sHere is our DISCOUNT LINK FOR GRUB TERRA httpsbit.ly3Ig3ysZ Use the code "MHF"You save money and it helps our channel out as well!To see Member's perks click belowhttpswww.youtube.comchannelUCYSxqtrsjfcImRBYh5_Q_3QjoinMore helpful Chicken VideosHow to Treat Fowl Poxhttpsyoutu.bepKlNL54IdJUHow to Sex Baby Chickshttpsyoutu.bee9tf5xElcfEFollow us on Oddyseehttpsodysee.comMbheritagefarmseTo see more from ushttpsugrowfood.commbheritagefarmshomesteadingDIYraisingchickensinthegardenmakeyourownchickenbreedthechickenwhispererTo see more of Michaels paintings and arthttpchildressacrylics.comDonations are appreciated accepted at the link belowhttpswww.paypal.compaypalmeraini...

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    HOW TO CHECK WHETHER THE EGGS ARE FERTILE AND INFERTILE SO THAT THE BIRD DOES'NT HAVE TO INCUBATE ALL EGGS EggCandling EggChecking EggProgress FertileInfertileEgg HealthyEgg DevelopmentEmbryo Embryo Hindi

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  • How Birds Get Oxygen Inside Their Eggsvideo play button

    A beautiful tour of the bizarre system that keeps chicks from suffocating before they hatch. Links Info SUBMIT A QUESTION HERE httpwww.npr.orgskunkbearSUBSCRIBE httpbit.ly2dH6fpRTUMBLR httpskunkbear.tumblr.comFACEBOOK httpswww.facebook.comnprskunkbearTWITTER httpstwitter.comNPRskunkbearCreditsProduced by Adam Cole, Ryan KellmanElectron Microscopy Murry GansAudio Engineering Josh RogosinSenior Editor Alison RichardsSupervising Editor Nicole WerbeckChief Science Editor Andrea KissackNPR Director of Visuals Keith JenkinsCopyright 2018 NPR. All rights reserved. Visit our website terms of use for further information.httpswww.npr.orgabout-npr179876898terms-of-use For permission to reuse this video, visit our permissions pages at npr.orghttpswww.npr.orgabout-npr179881519rights-and-permissions-informationSFX from Freesound.org usersmegashroombsumusictechsethrophbuzbe20bsumusictechyottasoundsmartinimeniscusagfx Apfranzenspookymodemyuvalmisterlockbridge12waveplaylansereviliguisbotha9johanntrymyname1jorickhoofdanagarmarkgiajulien-mattheyschefflerthe-yurabushi3593samulis14fpanskakremenakova

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  • Observation of the Development of Chick Embryovideo play button

    Observation of the development of chick embryo by shell-less hatching method.This demonstration is practiced mainly based on the scientific article written by Tahara et. al. If you are scientist, you can reach it easily, because it is open accessed article. The eggs sold in store are usually unfertilized egg and never develop to chick, hence you don't have to worry about eating embryo or baby chick. Now a days, fertilized egg is sold only in "organic" or "natural" store, family poultry farm etc. The chick grows just same as normal chick. BGM1 (Yuyake no machi, Sunset town) httpsdova-s.jpbgmplay8091.htmlBGM2 round_breasts httpsdova-s.jpbgmplay8082.htmlegg, embryo, embryonic, chick, shell-less, hatching, development

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