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all nuclear encoded Emma Rennais are transported through nuclear pores and then translated in the site is all special targeting sequences. Direct the protein to a specific membrane or organelles. For example. Nuclear proteins fold in the side is all, and then enter the nucleus through the nuclear pores. Paroxysm oh, proteins also fold in the side is all and then cross the paroxysm membrane into the organ. L. Lumen Special targeting sequences direct might have conned real proteins to where the inner and outer membranes are close together. These sequences are cleaved in the matrix. Some proteins are incorporated into the inner membrane. Other mitochondrial proteins cross into the inner membrane space, while others remain in the matrix. Chloroplast proteins are processed in a similar way. They crossed the outer and inner membranes to enter the strom A. Some folding the strom A and remain there. Other proteins crossed the chloroplast membranes. Transit this trauma and fold in the lilac. Hoyt's