Our Immune System - Pfizer - Cortical Studios / Glow Studio

"Our Immune System," is an award-winning movie commissioned by Pfizer BV, that shows the complexity of inflammation and autoimmune diseases. In a joint effort with Glow Studio, Cortical Studios was responsible for the development of the short film "Our Immune System", which won a silver medal and two bronze medals at the 2011 International New York Festivals (NYF) in the categories "Professional Education", "Instruction & Education" and "Animation". The film also won two silver awards (1st place) and three bronze awards in the categories "Education (for Academic Use)" and "Pharmaceuticals" among others at The 32 Annual Telly Awards. The film explains the process of inflammation and what goes wrong in the functioning of the body, when a person suffers from an autoimmune disease. Patients are able to watch this film on the Pfizer website. http://www.corticalstudios.com

Disciplina: Imunologia