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here we will get introduced to fins. Have you ever noticed the extruded portion off the surface off a C I C. Engine transformer, Electronic circuit, etcetera. Do you know what these extruded portions are called? Yes, they're called as friends. Now the question arises. Why are these fins used? Let us try to answer this question. The primary objective off using a fen is to increase the rate of heat transfer to understand it more clearly, let us take an example of an icy engine off a bike. We see that due to continuous working off engine, a large amount of heat gets generated. This increases the temperature of the combustion chamber of the engine to a very high extent. Such increase in temperature may lead to severe ignition problems. To prevent such problems, the heat should be dissipated as early as possible. Now, to increase the rate of heat dissipation, we need to increase the surface area of the engine. But we know that there is a limited space in the bike, so we cannot increase the area by enlarging the engine. But we can solve the problem by introducing fins. We see that because of fence the surface area. Often engine increases and a large portion of engine gets exposed to the air. This helps an engine to lose heat at a faster rate. Here we observe that he gets transferred from engine casing, two fins through conduction and from fins to air through conviction. This was the brief introduction to fins.