The Central Dogma (English version)
The movie "The Central Dogma: From Genomic Information to Protein Synthesis" is made by RIKEN Omics Science Center (RIKEN OSC) for the exhibition titled "Beyond DNA" held at National Science Museum of Japan. We tried to illustrate how molecular machines interact each other in the central dogma by giving "Japanese robot-anime" style representation to the molecules. By using this approach, people (especially kids) can easily distinguish between those molecules and understand how they function in our body. Producer : Yoshihide Hayashizaki Director : Sorahiko Nukatani CG : Toshihide Kasahara , Kazufumi Watanabe Storyboad : Kazufumi Watanabe Music : Kazufumi Watanabe (altair blue) , Hyakume Tsukino (altair blue) (c)2007,2008-2011 RIKEN [Japanese version]