Soma de todos os números inteiros até o infinito é = -1/12
Read this too: EXTRA ARTICLE BY TONY: The sum of all natural numbers (from 1 to infinity) produces an "astounding" result. ANOTHER PROOF & EXTRA FOOTAGE: MORE: NY Times article on this: Tony Padilla and Ed Copeland are physicists at the University of Nottingham. They talk physics at our sixty symbols channel: Grandi's Series: 1-1+1-1.... Read more about divergent series: We also here that Chapter XIII of Konrad Knopp's book, "Theory and Application of Infinite Sequences and Series", is very good if you can get your hands on it. Website: Numberphile on Facebook: Numberphile tweets: Google Plus: Tumblr: Videos by Brady Haran A run-down of Brady's channels: