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O efeito da maconha em um portador do Mal de Parkinson - Legendadoplay_circle_filled


that you feel the best way to take it. Let's put it on your tongue. Running a new chief. Don't do too much. You're gonna be asleep on you know you should do no, Don't try to communicate. Just relax, See what happens. We know from animal experiments that the inductions cannabinoid system is very important in regulating motor activity, that very type of activity that is impaired in Parkinson's disease from animal experiments. We also know that boosting certain branches off the Cabinet system is helpful in relieving symptoms off Parkinson's. Finally, from anecdotal information, we know that certain patients who smoke marijuana experienced relief of their symptoms. I think you calm down. Amazing. He used just a single drop and his hands afterwards were rock steady and the dyskinesia left. It was bad. It works most of the time. If it's, uh, did you guys eat lunch first? Like me could really easy no one pretty angry that I think you state the number one frustration that I have is knowing that there is his untapped potential comes from what marijuana is did is teaching us to generate new medicines and being stuck because off financial issues or political issues that is extremely frustrating. We now know that medical marijuana, um, controls dyskinesia on, but it's not. It's not available to us.