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 Push-in/threaded L-fitting
Quick Star
The Quick Star connector series offers a reliable solution for 
every connection.
The stainless steel retaining ring inside the fitting holds the 
tubing securely without damaging its surface. Vibration and 
pressure surges 
are safely absorbed. The tubing can be detached easily by 
pressing down the blue release ring. For your convenience, 
the appropriate 
outside tubing diameter is marked on the release ring. An 
NBR rubber sealing ring guarantees a perfect seal between 
standard OD tubing 
and the body of the fitting.
Standard tubing is suitable for use with compressed air and 
All of the brass components included with Festo’s push-in 
fittings are nickel plated, and are thus highly resistant to 
Mini series
Specially adapted accessories for Festo’s miniature 
pneumatics series
Tubing ODs of 3, 4 and 6 mm, as well as M3, M5, M7, R1/8 
and G1/8 connecting threads are included in the mini-series.
Standard series
A large selection of push-in fittings for tubing ODs of 4, 6, 8, 
10, 12 and 16 mm and connecting threads from R1/8 to 
R1/2, and G1/8 to 
Special series
:- Flame retardant per UL 94 V0
- Corrosion and acid resistant
t- Temperature range to max. 150° C with excellent corrosion 
- Antistatic
- Tool for removing QS push-in fittings
Three thread types are available
:Metric thread
- With sealing ring
R thread
Festo AG & Co.
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Part no.:
Catalogue page
In accordance with DIN 2999-1 and ISO 7/1
- Sealing by means of Teflon coating on the threads
- No additional sealing surface required
- Self-sealing threads
- Small outside diameter
- Small width across flats
- Simply screw in by hand, and then tighten with one or two 
turns of an open end wrench.
- The fitting can be reinstalled up to five times.
G thread
In accordance with DIN ISO 228-1
- With sealing ring
- The sealing ring better compensates for thread tolerances.
- Shorter thread
- Uniform installation depth
- Interchangeable sealing ring
- Sealing outside of the thread with captive sealing ring at 
front made of PBT
- All internal threads from G1/8 to G1/2 are incompliance 
with DIN ISO 228-1.
Several Quick Star push-in fittings can also be installed with 
an Allen key. Make sure that the Allen key is not inserted too 
far into the 
fittings to prevent the risk of damage to components behind 
the fitting.
Interference may be caused at function fittings when 
screwed too far into connection threads. The insertion depth 
and the recommended 
tightening torque must be observed. Damage may otherwise 
occur if the recommended tightening torque is exceeded by 
more than 50%.
Barbed fitting series
These connectors make tubing connection easier, especially 
for mounting to control cabinets, for mounting frames and for 
the M5 
compact system.
- With barbed fitting
- For standard ID compressed air tubing
- For 2, 3, 4 and 6 mm tubing IDs
- M3 and M5 metric thread
- G1/8, G1/4 and G3/8 G thread
- Corrosion and acid-resistant variants
Festo AG & Co.
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Part no.:
Catalogue page
Connecting pliers ZMS
Disconnecting pliers ZDS
Festo AG & Co.
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Push-in/threaded L-fitting Part no.: 153333
Feature Data/description
Data sheet
Nominal size connector 2,4 mm
Nominal size of tubing connection 1 4
Mounting/connection thread M 5
Operating pressure min. -0,95 bar
Operating pressure max. 10 bar
Minimum ambient temperature 0 °C
Maximum ambient temperature 60 °C
Minimum meduim temperature 0 °C
Maximum meduim temperature 60 °C
Material of housing PBT-reinforced
Product weight 0,003 kg
Medium Compressed air, filtered
Festo AG & Co.
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