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In, on, at - Prepositions in English

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In, on, at
Talking about place
When something or someone is inside a larger or closed space.
Anna is playing in that empty box.
The car keys are in my room. 
2. To talk about cities, countries and states.
I live in Brazil.
I saw you when I was in Rio de Janeiro.
Talking about time
3. Periods of the day (except at night).
I am used to drink coffee in the morning.
I always exercise in the afternoon. 
To talk about dates in English
My birthday is in May. 
Sarah will fly to the United States in the summer. 
Talking about places
With specific places or public places.
Your classroom is at the end of the corridor.
I’ll be at work the whole weekend.
Could we meet at that restaurant near your house?
I was waiting for you at the airport.
To speak full adresses.
Melanie lives at 576 Brooklyn Street.
Talking about time
3. To tell the time in English.
Meet me at 6pm. 
Your English class starts at 8am. 
With holidays.
I hope to see you at Christmas. 
The last time I saw John was at Halloween. 
Talking about position
When something is on a surface.
Watch out, there’s a bee on your cup!
Her car was on the street. 
To talk about contact with body parts in English
I never noticed this stain on your arm.
He kissed me on the cheek! 
Talking about time
3. For days of the week in English.
I practice volleyball on Mondays. 
We could meet on Friday. 
For full dates
I was born on 9th November. 
For transport where you can stand
I’m on the bus.
He’s on the train.
 She’s on the bike.
 You’re on the horse.
6. To talk about things that are connected or to ask for something to be connected.
The TV is on.
 Can you turn on the radio, please?